Off-Topic How do you view the Honda accord, and its typical driver.

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    I've always viewed them as quite a classy car, more a rival to Saab or Volvo than a ford / Vauxhall alternative. I picture them as a car driven by dentists and architects (I'm an account manager by profession, and an engineer by qualification) and just love my Accords build quality, comfort and quietness. My first memory of a honda accord was as a small boy - a family friend had a 3rd Generation accord, and I always remember it being so smooth and comfortable, my dad would always comment on what a nice car it was, and I do remember even my mum - not a petrol head in the slightest, saying how nice the accord was.

    When I was shopping for an automatic in december I looked at various cars - the BMW 3 series (E46) was a strong contender in 320 or 323 form but a bit of research revealed there are a lot of issues with the auto box. The Mercedes C180 or C220 made a decent case for themselves, but the 1st Generation cars are looking old now, and the 2nd Generation fell into the 98 - 2002 dodgy area where mercedes scaled back the build quality. I also looked into a CLK, but rust is a big problem with them. Audi are w**kers cars, the Passat has a dodgy auto box, and Volvos were also looking dated.

    The Accord was always a strong contender, then I found the Type-V i had. The dealer it was at (5 lamps car sales in Derby) seemed very honest, and said it had an exceptional service history. They weren't kidding, and the car was absolutely as described. Given my position I asked the guy if he'd put 12 months MOT on it if I paid the full asking price, which he did. I have absolutely no regrets, and genuinely believe its going to rate as one of the best cars i've ever owned. The great thing about owning an accord is its got such a fantastic reputation that you never get the 'what did you buy one of those for' comments.

    I owned an Alfa Romeo 166, and must say that was the most incredible piece of machinery, its sweet busso 24V V6 was a stunning power unit, and the car was joyous to drive. Contrary to reputation there wasn't a spot of rust anywhere, and it was well built, but everyone always seemed to be waiting for something to go wrong, so they could laugh. It never did though - it was a very reliable car albeit very expensive to service. I will have another. do you view the typical accord driver?
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    From those I have seen- usually sensible.... Until they see a VW or BMW or Audi... Then it's a different story. Speaking for myself I find the issue is the other way, other drivers always want to race me..the last BMW driver lost!:Happy:
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    I can honestly say every Accord driver (in recent years) I've met in the flesh has been a professional of some sorts. There's been an Accord sitting outside the local hospital for the past few days in a staff spot (57, Exec). I agree with Malibu on the "mostly sensible until they see a BMW/Audi" side of things because I'm definitely like that myself :lol:
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    I see them a bit like your pre-GM SAAB drivers who, as Jeremy Clarkston put it, would drive around with "that knowing grin" :Smile:
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    When you tell people you drive an Accord you often get a knowing look and a 'mmm good car' comment. you never seem to get anyone say 'you don't want one of those, utter rubbish' or 'my neighbor had one, nothing but trouble'
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    In his Sunday Times column Jeremy Clarkson wrote some very nice things about the Type-S back in 2011 - search Google, it's easily found.

    He notes that Accord drivers never get randomly stopped by the police as they are so sensible! I think that sums it up for me:

    - Considered
    - Sensible
    - Free thinking

    The SAAB / Volvo parallel is pretty much spot on IMHO.
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    A close friend once said to me that the Accord is an old mans car???
    Well I may be 50+ but I feel 20+ when I get behind the wheel of my Type-S and come to think of it the same when I drive my wife's HR-V is it a Honda thing???? Or are they just a beautiful car to drive ? Yes I think so