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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by eternal422, Wednesday 4th Dec, 2013.

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    Hi everyone! Just had rear discs and pads replaced on my 7th Generation Accord - £163 from an independent garage. Does this sound about right? Anyone know how much a main dealer would charge ? Just trying to see if my local is still good value or not!
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    Honda dealership may have been better seeing as they charge £270 for the same job but they would use genuine parts, for the 6th Generation pads are around £35 but the discs are a lot more expensive than aftermarket at £90+. This is assuming that your garage used aftermarket parts though?
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    To beat dealer prices and still use genuine parts, you're always best off ringing our club affiliated dealer, Holdcroft Honda. You'll get discount on the prices and free delivery when you mentioned you're an AOC member. Then it's just a matter of paying a garage an hours or twos labour.
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    Thanks guys. It was aftermarket parts not genuine Honda so I guess it's down to whether the extra £107 for genuine Honda parts would be worthwhile. As it's rears only I reckon they'll be ok. Might consider genuine Honda when the fronts need doing.