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    I have a 57 plate CR-V 2.2 Diesel with 48k and full Honda history..
    I have only had the car a week so I am in a steep learning curve..
    2 days ago I went for 4 new tyres and a 4 wheel tracking check.. Whilst the car was up in the air I wandered underneath and was utterly horrified by how much rust there was!!
    I thought Honda were supposed to be brilliant build quality??
    Luckily I had my camera with me and took lots of photos..
    Is it worth contacting Honda UK (or my local dealer) to see what they say about it??
    I didn't buy the car from Honda garage but as I say it has full Honda service history that's current and up to date..

    When I looked underneath carefully it looks like it has never had any under seal applied to it? I assume the ARE under sealed ??

    I have attached a couple of photos to prove my point..
    This really is the worst modern car I have seen for rust !!

    0009. 0005. 0006. 0007. 0008.
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    Given the age of the age of the car, Honda may well wash their hands of it, but you should certainly approach the dealer who sold you the car.

    Also, its worth bearing in mind that this rust etc, is as a result of the way the previous owner(s) treated the car. If they were using/abusing it and only keeping the exterior clean, then thats a possible reason for the rust and not necessarily anything to do with Honda build quality.

    Judging by your pictures, it looks like the last owner(s) didnt give a hoot about the underside of the car - and it shows.
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    United Kingdom Bob Wetherby
    I notice that you live near the coast. Could it be that a previous owner regularly drove it down a beach or somewhere where there was a particularly high level of salt washing on to the underside of the car?
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    This will be the first car I have owned that needs to be waxed and polished underneath !!
    I have had 6 Mercedes, 2 VW's and a BMW and NONE of these had any issues underneath whatsoever..
    Some were much older with a far higher mileage..
    The cars previous owner lived in the North East (Durham)..
    Yes we had snow and salty roads..
    Look again at the photos.. I see not a trace of under sealant.. All I see is bare paint!
    No wonder the rust attacked it..
    I don't know why but I imagined a "Compact Recreational Vehicle would have had better under body protection..
    Somebody needs to tell Honda that in the UK we have salt on the roads when its icy !

    Anyway, Thanks for your replies.
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    No offence buddy, but I don't know why you keep thinking its a Honda-related issue? You've no way of knowing how the previous owner looked after or drove that car and through what. Sand and other abrasives will take off whatever protection there is underneath.

    In this instance, as per your photos, the last owner hasnt bothered to re-treat the surfaces. Honda is not to blame for that. That is an owner, not manufacturer issue. Big difference.
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    It sounds like you work for the Honda Customer services !!
    Never mind this is my last post on here.. Thanks for the "support"
    errr "Buddy" !
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Not sure why your upset sspeed. TDK has made some perfectly valid points.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's an example of a well looked after Honda

    Highlights what TDK was saying, that rust on yours is down to neglect.
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    England Robert Lancashire
    I recently changed my 2004 Accord EX ICTDI Tourer that I had from new. It was almost nine years old and there was not a trace of rust anywhere: the bodywork was immaculate. When I washed the car I always used the power washer to clean it underneath. I can only assume that a previous owner has not cared for the car as he should.
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  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Why do you think he does.. just because you are not hearing what you want to hear.. if the car is neglected by the previous owner why is the responsibility of the manufacturer to come to your aid .. albeit on a second hand car?

    As for your finding with other manufacturer that hear say without any proof really....buddy!
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  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    What is that grey stuff on the chassis is that not sealant? can or do you know how to differentiate PVC coating and sealants?

    What do you class as sealants?
  11. ACC-CDI-2T Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    I think, it´s an advantage to refresh the corrosion protection from time to time ... I started three
    years ago with the refreshment and I´ve just done it again. I myself use "Fluid Film AS-R" (a Lano-
    line based, non toxic solvent-free coating) It´s easy to applicate from a 400 ml spraycan and I use
    it for all body cavities, chassis and steering parts and the whole underfloor. (with excepticon of rub-
    ber components - I use silicione spray for these ...)
    Download | FLUID FILM – das aktive Rostschutz & Korrosionsschutzmittel
    My CN is a 2004 and it´s still nearly 100% rust-free :Wub:. A photo from my last application (today):

  12. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    I never saw this post at the time, and I could never pretend to be an expert, but:

    a) I would say that the "steepest learning curve" for the purchaser here would be to look at the underside of a car (or have it professionally inspected) BEFORE you buy it. A 57 plate CR-V wouldn't have been a cheap purchase. Buyer beware.
    b) In my recent car buying experiences (Renault, MINI, VW & Honda) the days of seeing thick, black, underseal on vehicles seems to have long gone. Usually, they have a textured effect (I assume the sealant) covered by body coloured paint. IMHO that black underseal was often used (and probably still is) to hide issues rather than protect in the first place. Not in every case though, as demonstrated by the excellent example above :Smile:
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    Northern Ireland Pete Belfast, UK
    Am I the only one that thinks the underside of his car is relatively good for being 7 years old and having probably only ever been cleaned roughly under there for MOT?

    The bolts only ever have a light zinc coating - so they will rust in no time, especially after a tool has marked them upon fitment.

    The black parts are realistically painted in nothing more than transport primer which although isn't porous, wouldn't be the most enduring of paint finishes.

    The actual bodywork I would class as completely normal. They were never finished with a protective coating, but instead remain in their e-coat and you can see any rust spots are around heat affected zones where the car was crocheted together. All fairly normal IMO.

    However, what you have photographed is the very same reason I am currently in a bad mood with my tourer. having changed the rear brakes in their entirety today, the components all look tired, rubbers are perished and rust spots are everywhere, even moreso on the aftermarket parts that have been fitted over the course of the car 11 years on the road.
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    I agree with you PeteMM. The main structual part of the chassis looks sound to me. Maybe a good clean off and a heap of ACF50 would be a good idea if SSpeed is very concerned about it.
    An MOT inspector would put concerns on his report if there was anything to worry about.