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    My wife took her Ford Fiesta to our local Ford garage for its first MOT today, They failed it for 2 LED Xenon side light bulbs that I had fitted. To pass it they changed the 2 bulbs and charged her £22 :shock: for 2 bulbs plus fitting. How do these main dealers get away with charging this sort of money for a 2 minute job, not only that I've had these bulbs fitted in my car and never had a problem with our local independent garage. Unbelievable!
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    At a MOT failure they know the have you as you need a pass cert. The NC may have failed it as its emitting a bluish light and not yellow based on that it's thier discretion to decline it,
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    On top of what CJ is saying above, anything not EU signed for use on the road can be failed. So "wrong" bulbs within headlight units can fail an MOT. Depends on where you take it. I have a good relationship with a local garage I use and have never been questioned about my LED sidelights, number plate lights etc