Suspension, Steering and Brakes how to adjust hand brake 2004 tourer

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    Hi Guys

    Tonight I have replaced the rear disks and pads on my 2004 accord tourer 2.4 petrol. After some jiggery pockery I have completed the job but now the hand brake travels far to much before the hand brake bites.

    I used good quality after market parts by apec (not genuine honda). i have used this brand for years with no problems.

    The hand brake shoes all looked fine and the mechanism clean and free moving so I am guessing the apec discs are slightly out of OEM spec dimensions so requiring adjustment.

    So can anybody tell me where the handbrake adjuster is and how to go about it. or have I missed something in the refit?

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    Hand brake works on a Ratchet with the piston screwing in/out. Have you pumped the brake peddle and worked the hand brake a few times as the piston may not have worked full back out
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    thanks guys, I actually used the adjuster behind the disk for the hand brake shoes. seems ok for now. I wasn't looking forward to removing the center consul, I usually break something, lol