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    Hi all,

    Scroll down to get straight to the pictures!

    Just thought I would share my experience here. If anyone else is lucky enough to own a car with horrible coloured/stained carpets you should defiantly look in to dying your carpets.

    First of all, I am not in the least bit creative/arty/handy/good at anything. But I think I did a really good job here and if I can do it you can too.

    You will need:
    Black Carpet Dye. I used this: tried finding somewhere local to buy dye like this and had no luck)
    Paint Brush. (I'd recommend a 1.5")
    Masking Tape
    Clothes you don't care about

    I'll start by saying you can do this in the car or outside. Clearly if you do this in the car then take care to mask up any bits of trim you don't want to dye. Also bear in mind the dye can flick if you get to excited with the brush.

    I purchased 5 litres. I honestly think this is more than you could ever use in one car. But it's so cheap and, like me, your friends will probably be willing to give you a few quid to use it to refresh worn floor mats etc

    Just a note. The dye will go straight through thin fabric, i.e. your trousers, so try not to get it on yourself. It won't come off your skin easily either! Gloves are essential. I'd recommend using latex ones, I used fabric gloves and the dye soaked through and now my fingers are black.

    Now depending on the pile of your carpet you may want to do 2 light coats. The carpet in the boot of my 5th Generation has no pile to it so 1 light coat got it black straight away.

    I jumped straight in and started applying with a brush. A found left > right > left right followed by up > down > up > down stroke worked perfectly.

    I couldn't get it in a picture but the deep oil and dirt stains are JUST about visible after dying. But after you've forgotten where they are you probably won't find them again.

    Although you should probably pre-wash and hoover the carpets I didn't. To be honest it went on just as well as I'd have hoped anyway.

    The dye is touch dry within 2 hours (although it was exceptionally sunny today). However they car does smell and this stuff isn't great for you. So just ventilate as much as possible. :Smile:

    The dye is listed as not working on plastic. I wanted to see what the results would be though so I painted the plastic lift handle on my boot floor. Once it's all dry I will report back and let you guys know how I got on.

    Finally please forgive all the grass on the carpets. I cut the grass yesterday and kept kicking it up on to the carpets as I was dying them. Whoops! :Blushing:

    Headlining tomorrow, see how I get on. I will post pictures.

    Please post up your results if you give it a go.

    Kind Regards


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    One quick and effective job welcome to the forum bud.
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    Interesting solution. Does the dye smell much in the car?
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    It's not too bad actually. Pretty pungent at first. But let it ventilate and it's fine within a few hours.