Electrical & Lights How to get rid of the condensation in front light?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by bijomaru, Wednesday 5th Mar, 2014.

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    As per title. It's a facelift model, yet for a while now I have nearly constant condensation in both headlights through the winter. I guess this is also a contributing factor to my bulbs going more often than your regular petrol Accord :Tongue:

    Just last night both went at the same time. I know this sound more like electrical issue, so I will be checking that angle as well, but the condensation is now annoying me.

    Do I just need new lamps or can I do something to stop them misting from the inside?

    Theoretically this shouldn't affect facelift models, so not sure why I'm having this problem. I guess years ago when I had the front repaired they could have been replaced? Maybe, dunno.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    I have split the lens off one of mine and cleaned it down and resealed it but I still get some in. Not as much though. Since fitting the HIDs I have also stuck some silica gel packs in there and it still wets up inside. If I were you, find some headlights on ebay get them, and get some HIDs fitted. I know the dealers just dry them out and put silicone sealer around.
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    Wait for the climate to cheer up there will be lesser humility in the air. Then you can get some warm air into low beam are with the cap off, with a hairdryer.
    Get some silica gel bags in there but keep them away from the low beam as the heat will tear the bags.
    That should cure it.
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    Hi all

    I had this problem with my pre-facelift model (2004) and very reluctantly learned to live with it. However, three weeks ago I bought another Tourer, a 2007 facelift model with only 36k miles and am having the same problem. I thought Honda had resolved this issue for the facelift cars, but obviously not. It's appalling that this is happening to a car of this quality and Honda should be ashamed of themselves. I see no other cars of any other make, or at least very very few, with this problem, even those much older, so why is it happening to these? Aren't Honda offering some kind of deal to owners to sort this out? If not, they should be! Extremely disappointed!

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    So far, not had this problem (touch wood etc) on my late 2007 Tourer Exec, down ere in Jersey my accord faces the sun from dawn to dusk - when we get the sun!

    But the nearside rear brake cluster does get wet inside so I drilled 3 holes with the smallest bit I could find, at the bottom and this has got rid most of the time.

    I would be interested if those peeps above are able or not to point there cars towards the sun when they/we have it?