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    I have just brought a second hand Honda CR-V 2003 and was told by the seller sat nav worked!!!!! Shouldn't have believed him really, but as there is no installation disc does anyone know how i can install the sat nav to make it work. Thanks
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    Buy a mapping disc and in the drive
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    A couple of obvious points here. If you bought your car from a dealer, you should be taking it back to get a disc to make the navigation operate. Even if you bought privately, it may be worth dropping the seller a note to see if he/she has the disc (although I'd say that is a fairly remote chance, but if you don't ask...!).

    If neither of the above is applicable, then as @Pottermus says, you'll be needing to get a disc. They do come up on eBay, so keep an eye out - but don't be tempted to buy anything non-genuine, as they can damage the unit.

    IMHO, something to consider on a 2003 car would be to use a Garmin/TomTom or similar instead, which may be a cheaper and easier option. Look at it this way - if you buy a new disc and there is already a problem with the unit (I'd be asking why the disc was removed in the first place) then you'll need to spend even more to get it sorted.

    Let us know how you get on. Lots of friendly and helpful people here who will try to advise.

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    Better idea is take it out and put it in the bin. It's garbage. If you like driving with hilariously outdated maps and enjoy your favourite CD's being irrepairably scratched everytime you go near a speedhump, then fire in. Otherwise, hit ebay and invest in a double-din modern unit. I bought one for £140...and it's got everything. Satnav (GOOD satnav)..DVD, Bluetooth, back up camera, wifi, 3g, iphone/ipod connectivity.... the works. All I needed was a Honda cable 'harness' worth about £6...and even a moron like myself was able to install it.
    I bought this one. and only needed this... Car Radio Stereo Wiring Harness ISO Adaptor Lead for HONDA 1999+ / ACURA 1999+ / SUZUKI 2001+ | Xtrons

    It was basically plug-and-play. Utterly simple. But trust me... if you continue with the Honda satnav, you're wasting your time and money.
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    @peter.middlemore I've edited your post and converted all the CAPS LOCK typing to standard sentence case.

    Caps lock posts make it look like you are shouting.
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    I can't even adjust the clock but it is right twice a day but the radio works apart from that it's a waste of space, get a sat nav from Halfords faster simpler to use and you could buy two for what it would cost you to get that pile of poo working.