General How to Make a Broom from a Car....

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by John Dickson, Sunday 6th Sep, 2015.

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    You can tell I'm bored....

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    This video was suggested by You Tube after I watched the one you posted @John Dickson

    Love the 'health & safety' about 3.40 in when he sets fire to the car...:Laughing:. Not a high-vis or safety sign in sight. Have to love the travelling car crusher as well!

    Recycling, fly tipping - it's nothing new.

    I often wish I'd been around in 1960s looks so much gentler, so much nicer.
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    Yes I laughed at the bit where he sets fire to the old car - s#d the safety risks, s#d the pollution and the environment!

    The bin men manhandling the couch down the drive, not a set of safety glasses in sight!

    You'd get shot for that these days!