Engine & Gearbox How to remove a broken gearbox Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

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    Earlier on today I was faced by this horror situation


    This is a broken VSS on a Civic 1.6 (EP2) manual gearbox, it's located back of the engine, under the gear linkage bracket.
    To give you an idea of what it should look like, here's the replacement sensor.


    That whole 2" or so of the sensor is broken off, leaving very little to grip onto. So this was going to be one tough job to accomplish, thoughts even occurred of maybe having to pull the gearbox out of the car to gear clear access to the sensor to try and remove it.

    Initially I tried to grab the central shaft of the sensor and pull it upwards but rather than the whole sensor getting pulled out of it's whole I could feel the lower helical gear start to slip off the shaft. If it did then that would have been a total disaster as the whole gearbox would probably need to be taken apart to fish it out ! So I abandoned this approach rather quickly.

    The problem being here that the O ring that seals the sensor into the hole is a good 12 or 13 years old and has by now well and truly swollen and jammed the sensor into the hole. If you look closely at the replacement sensor you can see that that person also had trouble getting the sensor out and had been attacking the securing tab with a screwdriver to try and lift the sensor upwards, plenty of damage occurred to that part of the sensor but luckily the rest of it is fine.

    What I needed to do was to get a really good grip of the sensor and be able to apply a lot of leverage to it. With practically nothing left of the sensor and being really conscious of not dropping any debris, any fragments or any parts of the sensor into the gearbox.

    Here's what I came up with
    I tapped two wood screws into the sensor (only going so far as I knew from the spare sensor how far in I could go) and added a metal plate at the top get something to pull on. I then placed a metal chisel into plate and used the gearbox housing to leverage on.

    Using a long round bar and hitting on this pretty hard with a hammer the sensor came flying out.

    Here's what was submersed into the gearbox

    Knowing how tight the sensor was jammed into the hole, I applied some silicon grease to the replacement sensor and knocked it into place.
    Test drive confirmed that the job was a good un.
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    I like solutions that involve lateral thinking, chisels and club hammers... you must have felt good when it came out!

    How did it get broken off?
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    Sensor needed replacing, that was someones attempt at removing it LOL
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    Naahice!! I like the fact that a hammer was involved :Grin:
    but daymn.. would have been a disaster if you had to take the gearbox out to get to it.. I remember your recent DIY on 7th Generation clutch and that thing was looooong!

    Speedy solution to the rescue! :Smile:
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