Suspension, Steering and Brakes How to solve mysterious rear 'clunk' noise in a first gen CR-V

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    If you have an annoying clunk that comes from the rear of your CR-V, and have already SEARCHED the many threads about 'sway bar links' and 'sway bar bushings', try wedging some foam against (or wrap a rag around) your tailgate strut and go for a drive. This simple test is way cheaper than replacing everything you can think of.

    Here's the reason why the tailgate strut makes noise: The gas strut (the parts diagram calls it a STAY ASSEMBLY) is not the high pressure gas kind, so if it's lost the little bit of pressure it originally had, it won't hold itself tightly in place. It may clunk when you accelerate, or stop, or going over bumps.

    Other things to check: The license plate (I always glue some foam rubber to the backside of the plate), the parking brake cables, your trailer hitch bolts hitting the muffler, the jack, the lugs on the spare tire, the latch alignment on the glass. Also, pump some lube into the lubricating holes in your tailgate hinges, if you get rear end clunks driving slowly over uneven surfaces. This is a Gen 1 problem for sure.

    **info found on another site and I wanted to share it here**
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    If all else fails take along a little kid over a bumpy road

    The strut is supposed to have a tiny bit of pressure in it, so unbolt one end and try it for compression.

    The point is: It's not a 'holder opener' , but a 'prevent the tailgate's hinges getting ripped off' device. In other words it should dramatically slow the door as it gets to the end of the opening stroke, stopping the embarrassing CRASH!! as the shock reaches the end of it's travel.
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