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    It's summer once again and I need money. For the past few years I've been dabbling with various "start-ups" which were all well and good but weren't a constant stream of income as they usually involved doing a high margin one off job and leaving it at that (building home servers, setting up home alarm systems, CCTV security for local firms and the like). So now I want to try my hand at giving tuition - I have tutored my sis for a while and she's doing a lot better than I was at her age (also in a top 10 state school :Grin:) so I'm thinking of giving tuition to kids up to and including GCSE.

    Firstly what sort of documents would I require? I assume the criminal check (no idea what the real term is) but what else?

    Also how would I actually start up - other than word of mouth I haven't got much to go on to be honest. Are there online services?

    Are there any pitfalls as such - if there are any tutors here I would be most grateful for your insights.

    Cheers for reading guys.

    EDIT: I'm only going to be available till October too so how could I advertise my services, best I can think of is helping the kid prepare for the upcoming year. Maybe appeal to parents who really push their kids?
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    You may need the Enhanced if working with children ?
    The education dept at the local council may be a good starting point for the checks they recommend.
    They may also hold a list of suitable/approved tutors, how to get on the list etc ?

    Just a thought...
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    Liking the local council idea, gonna ring them tomorrow.
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    If that doesn't pan out, try the local schools/colleges directly ?
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    Thought about it but my secondary school banned any sort of advertising - on top of that some teachers were very critical of students getting private tuition back then...
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    You'd have thought they would want to help the pupils get as high a grade as possible... performance contracts, school stats, league tables etc.

    Good luck with the council tomorrow :Smile:
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    Gumtree, card on the window in local shops, supermarket notice board etc with a note of any qualifications which are applicable.

    Easiest way to figure out where to advertise is to pretend to be looking for a tutor yourself and see how you would go about finding one. Word of mouth would eventually kick in but if it's just a short term venture then scrub that.
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    They seemed very disinterested and just referred me to local libraries. I found a few sites that advertise on behalf of tutors that I may use though they charge the student to release the tutors details so I'll have to see how it goes. I need to install another CCTV system which should take a few days so I'm putting this on the backburner till then.