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Discussion in '9th Generation (2012-2017)' started by CaptainChaos, Friday 7th Sep, 2018.

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    Hi people,
    I've got a 2013 1.6 D-tec EX with leather stuff & SatNav etc.
    If I switch the SatNav on to get somewhere, get there & then go somewhere else, is there any way I can switch the screen off (still listening to CDs/radio) without turning the engine off totally & ignoring the startup message thing?
    It's just that most of the time, I don't need the SatNav on, so having the screen telling me exactly where I know I am is a bit redundant!
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    Not sure about the newer ones, but with my 2006 Civic, I can blank the screen using the brightness control. I think pressing it cycles through day mode, night mode and off.
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    Power button the my Jazz turn the Sat nav off and the 7th Generation like @Chrispike has suggested the nigth\day mode button was used on the early sat navs to turn off.
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    Thanks guys - I'll try all of the above & see what happens!