ICE & HFT How to take out radio from Legend, and some audio things.

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    How to take out "radio" from Legend.
    I moved this "audio" conversation from "service schedule" thread here.
    Lets continue here so others can find these things easier.

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    It's not easy, well, depends of your skills....

    First, you need to remove the big plastic trim piece that surrounds the shifter. Pull up from the rear of it near the cupholders in the center console. You'll need to disconnect the seat warmer switches from underneath. Then set the trim piece aside.

    Next, you need to remove the "not an ashtray".

    Next, you remove the "metal" pillars on either side of the center stack. They are just plastic painted to look shiny. Pull from the bottom and pull straight back toward you.

    Then remove all the screws that were exposed when you took the two pillars out.

    Now comes the tough part - shine a flashlight down into the hole where the "not an ashtray " was. There are two screws low and deep below the center stack that need to be removed in order to pull it out. Don't drop them.

    After this, you should be able to pull the entire center stack out - it's one unit. Disconnect the climate control cables at the top rear of the unit so you can pull it out far enough. Then reverse everything to reinstall.

    Here are OEM instructions for Acura RL how to install that Acura/Honda music link thing. This is from Acura RL forum.

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    Parts 6 and 7, this is from Legend 2009, older ones have that connector place but from 2009 the head unit supports usb (i think) and i don't know if that player side connector of the cable is "standard" usb.
    Part # for these:
    PFKL566935CORD ASSY., USB-A£58.82
    PFKL566952HOLDER ASSY., USB CORD£11.71
    These are from

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    Right, that dos'nt look too bad, will have have look early next week{am having cateracts done so it will be a better look!}
    Wonder if the mount for the usb cable is in the cubby hole,not a big prob if not,but if the head unit dos'nt support usb.......
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    ^ You will need that usb connection box, grom audio or something else, my plan was/is to use grom audio and original usb vire so that it will look like stock installation.