ICE & HFT How to update sat nav?

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    Hi guys and gals.

    Does anyone know how to do an update on the sat nav in my dads CR-V.
    It has this sat nav dvd player installed.

    J T Hughes in Shrewsbury told him that it us updated via a sd card, if so where does it plug in? Or is this a disc or usb device job view?
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    This is the same as mine - I think it is updated via the USB port in the central console. There is no SD card - the unit works from its hard disk.
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    Hi, buy the update from Honda dealer and they will do the update, or Garmin express and down load onto Memory stick. Find the menu pages on your unit, follow instructions. Connect a battery charger (or run the engine) as it can take a couple of hours to do. Good Luck.
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    I had a look at the unit and it seems this one is updated via a dvd in the dvd drive, rather than a usb stick, as far as I can seem, it is the later navi unit with Honda Connect that is updated via usb stick.
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    It certainly looks like the later unit requiring USB. Best check your local dealer for info.
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    Cyprus Panos Nicosia
    This is an Alpine Radio with 40GB HDD. Alpine does not support CR-V owners like other brands do. Updates are available when buying the newest navigation map DVD, and from Honda dealers who have the firmware fixes / updates. Updates should be applied by DVD or by USB.

    I don't know if a service bulletin exists. I wish I could help more on this but I am just an end user.
    Latest update

    Q4 2014
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    Cyprus still not available -- Bummer. Power of Dreams not for Cypriots I guess
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    Cyprus Panos Nicosia
    Order number:
    IT205.04.00 Q4 2014
    IT204.03.01 (13Q4) 08A42-1R6-400
    IT203.02.00 (12Q4) 08A42-1R6-310
    IT202.01.04 (11Q4) 08A42-1R6-210
    IT001.00.03 (10Q4) 08A42-1R6-130

    I guess you get the order number according to your current version. This is how I understand the one above. For me who I have this versionIT202.01.04 (11Q4) I need to get this order number: 08A42-1R6-210 to upgrade to IT205.04.00 Q4 2014

    And the procedure is as follows:
    1. Put the DVD disk in
    2. With some older version an error will pop up. Meaning it needs a firmware update. Thus this is how to install the firmware update
    3. Wait for the error message
    4. Go into diagnostic screen by pressing and holding Menu Map and Back buttons simultaneously
    5. Select version and press ok (push joystick in)
    6. Select download and press ok.
    7. Wait for the download, the satnav will reboot and you will are done (couple of minutes).

    :Smile: Have fun. I hope this was no secret. Newer version may exist.

    There is a HDD Sat Nav update manual too HDD manual Alpine 2015.pdf from Ichiban in this thread. My procedure is different and only applies the software version update and not the map updates.

    Sat Nav updates AN Navigation HDD V.3 Factory navigation (ICE & HFT - )

    I wish I had the software version update. :Frown: Only Honda can make this software update available I guess.

    P.S. Since I don't have maps in Cyprus I need to apply just the patches/ software version updates. Honda should make these available.
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