Official Honda HRC releases 2014 MotoGp open class bike the RCV1000R

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    Honda has release the images of its new MotoGp challenger for the "Open class" and it looks stunning! There is wishing all the four riders in this class to dominate the 2014 season :Hooray: Which it will, there is no doubt about it. The others won't know what hit them :Smile:

    Check out the MM electronic package :Wink:

    RCV1000_AOCUK_New_2014_CRT_Machine (3). RCV1000_AOCUK_New_2014_CRT_Machine (1). 23821_New_2014_CRT_Machine. RCV1000_AOCUK_New_2014_CRT_Machine (2).
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    Honda Racing Corporation Unveils RCV1000R

    Honda Racing Corporation introduced the Honda RCV1000R prototype machine to be used from 2014 in the MotoGP "Open" Class.