Electrical & Lights HSS system, Civic 5 doors Lifestyle 1.6 diesel

Discussion in '9th Generation (2012-2017)' started by elemarco, Wednesday 13th Jan, 2016.

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    Italy Marco Lodi
    Hello to everybody from Italy.
    I'm the lucky owner of a Civic 9th Generation. 5 doors Lifestyle 1.6 diesel.
    This car should have the famous HSS system (High Beam Support System) but, so far, I have not been e to activate it.
    Instruction Manual tells me that the dashboard light should blink just before the ignition, t this does not happen to me.

    I suspect something has to be done by the dealer in terms of electronic activation, but the dealers I contacted have no clue about it..

    Has someone idea of what has to be activated?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English.
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to Honda Karma @elemarco :Hey:

    Love to see your Civic :garage:

    As for your query on HSS, sorry I don't know the answer, hopefully someone else will.

    Your English is just fine Marco :Thumbup:
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