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    Unfortunately I was unable to take my car into Holdcroft for service. Due to work and family commitments I couldn't get the car to Stoke. Although its 6 years old now I needed to maintain Honda service as I bought a Honda warranty from HH.

    I phoned up my local Hepworth Honda (Huddersfield) and got a price of £360 for the 75k service which I was pleased with and was expecting £500+. That including everything! (Fuel filter, oil,
    Pollen, gearbox oil, brake fluid and all normal checks etc). I'd also drilled out my disc retaining screws when doing my discs and pads the following day and they'd put 4 in for me as well. I checked and confirmed they'd use 0W/30 as well.

    I took the car in a few days later and picked it up the following morning. All cleaned and fully serviced. They also gave me 12 months AA breakdown cover and half a bottle of 0W/30 Honda oil for top ups if needed.

    Due to having the gearbox fluid done at the previous service I asked them to omit this and they knocked £30 off. Total cost was £330 which I was really pleased with.

    I've always had good service from Hepworth Honda and another good effort.
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    Good effort Hepworth ! Car still running well bud?
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    Perfect mate. Just really enjoy driving it.