Introductions Huge Honda fan... thinking of buying legend that's been standing 4 years

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    Hi all

    I am a huge Honda fan, on my Third Gen 4 Lude (till proven otherwise - probably the best original example in the UK)
    I recently spotted a '94 Legend Coupe (A car I have always hankered after) that has been standing for about 4 years that looks pretty rough.
    Still, considering the rarity of the cars I was wondering if I should take the risk and buy it as a rolling restoration... bearing in mind it has been standing for this long I am thinking a full service, gearbox oil change, disks and pads, coolant, brake fluid etc... question is, what do I need to look out for and what is the risk....?
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Ludelover :welcome:

    Would be great to see some 'photos of your Prelude, so please do :garage:

    I'm not mechanically minded, but am sure some of the expert members will be along soon to offer advice on your proposed Legend purchase.

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    Welcome to Honda Karma Mike. :welcome:
    Changing all the fluids is a must , so that's a good starting point..
    As for the things to look out for, I'm not that familiar with that car, but I'm sure there are folk here that are.
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    Definitely all the fluids as stated above. This would be my thoughts for any car as I'm not familiar with the Legend. From a limited experience with cars left standing, rubber can deteriorate (bushings, boots gators, brake lines and so on). If it is around long grass or weeds have a good look for rust in sills, exhaust, solid brake lines and anywhere the foliage has kept the car from drying out properly. Tyres would most likely need replacing ASAP. I would go over and lube the brakes and have a good look for weeping in the calipers/cylinders but I wouldn't necessarily replace disks and pads if it looks ok and there was only a light layer of rust that quickly disappears, really more a judgment call. Hope it works out for you.
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    You would be looking into doing timing belt, water pump, and aux belts
    You may need to check drive shafts and certainly the CV boots etc as they could be perished. Check for clunking noises
    I would be checking all the brake calliper seals ... Tbh they probably would need overhauled etc
    Plugs, ignition coils
    Brake master cylinder check
    Fuel pump inspection and filter replaced
    Brake lines changed
    A/C flush and re-gas ... Probably need check for leaks likely need new dryer etc

    General consumables
    Tyres would likely need replaced all round
    Exhaust inspection
    General lubrication
    Radiator inspection
    Battery condition
    Drain any fuel from fuel tank and likely need a flush

    Be a great project if the car has been stored well and is solid

    Like the NSX I'm sure the pricing on some OEM legend parts will be priced a bit more compared to other models.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do
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