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    Hybrid A/C Precautions
    Currently Applies To: ’06–08 Civic Hybrid The current generation Civic Hybrid comes with a special A/C compressor that is actually two compressors in a single case. One compressor is the conventional type that is driven from the crankshaft by the drive belt. The other one is driven by a high voltage three-phase electric motor powered by the IMA battery.To insulate the high-voltage power, a special polyolester (POE)-based refrigerant oil is used, which has unique electrical insulating properties that protects the motor from damage and you from dangerous electrical shock.

    This special refrigerant oil is very sensitive to cross contamination by incorrect refrigerant oils. If it gets contaminated, it loses much of its insulating properties. So when adding refrigerant oil to a Civic Hybrid, here are some important things to keep in mind:

    • If your R-134a refrigerant recovery/recycling/ charging station that has an oil injection system, do not use it! You will cross-contaminate the vehicle’s A/C system since there is no practical way to flush left over incorrect refrigerant oil from the station’s internal plumbing that runs from the oil bottle to the solenoid. Make sure you clearly mark a tool for hybrid refrigerant oil only; otherwise, you could end up with cross contamination. You can also add refrigerant oil directly to the open system or components that you are replacing.Using your R-134a refrigerant recovery/ recycling/ charging station to charge the A/C system should not cause any cross-contamination problems, as long as you are using the equipment properly. The liquid refrigerant that passes through the station’s service hoses during charging should flush out any left over incorrect refrigerant oil from an earlier A/C repair job. Should you happen to cross-contaminate the A/C system with either incorrect refrigerant oil or fluorescent dye, just how bad the damage gets depends entirely on whether or not you run the A/C afterwards.

    • If you do not run the A/C, you will need to replace any components that you added incorrect refrigerant oil or fluorescent dye to, as well as any components that they may have traveled to from gravity (for example, the A/C compressor, the condenser, or both).

    • If you run the A/C, though, you will need to replace not only the compressor but also the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve, and all of the lines. Running a cross-contaminated A/C system will most likely turn on the IMA indicator and set DTC P0AA6 (high voltage short circuit), resulting in a shutdown of the IMA

    Honda part number 38899-RCJ-A01Product Name Sanden SE-10Y Comments
    For Sanden systems with refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) and with electric motor equipped A/C compressor
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