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    Hi Guys
    My name is Alex Tynemouth and I am an automotive engineering student from the University of Southampton. I am currently working on a research project which is trying to investigate the energy saving capabilities of Hybrid vehicles in the UK and study if driver's attitudes majorly effect the potential energy savings. The research is purely academic and I am using it for my dissertation hoping to get it published in an academic journal!
    We are gauging drivers attitudes via a survey, asking questions involving driving scenarios and how to approach them, general consumption data and a person's educational background. Of course all data is used anonymously and is only being used for the research of this project.
    If you are interested or want more information please contact me on my university *** Email removed as this is in breach of Club Rules*** or post in the thread and I will send you a copy of the survey which you can read to ensure you agree with the use of your data.
    Thanks for the help!
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    Alex, I have removed your email address (please see Club Rules) and moved this thread to the General Discussion section.
    Please do not post multiple threads about the same topic.

    If anyone is interested in helping Alex with his dissertation, please PM him and exchange private details there.
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    Sorry about that! Thanks
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    NP :Hey:
    I for one, would be interested in you findings.