Introductions i-cdti ...Am I dooooooooooooooooomed!

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    i-ctdi ...Am I dooooooooooooooooomed!

    Hi Chaps,

    A few days ago I bought a 2006 FR-V 2.2 I-CTDI with 137k miles 1 owner. I have only ever owned & maintained petrol vehicles so diesels are new to me.

    Been lurking on the forums and decided to join the community and tap into the goodwill and wealth of knowledge, so thanks in advance! :Smile:

    Anyway.. Am I doomed!? I've seen a few posts about costly 2.2 ctdi chain issues and I'm getting worried! I bought the car from auction and it seems good so far. The auction documentation only shows 5 dealership stamps. I know, I know most of you guys would not touch a car with 137k and only 5 dealer stamps let alone an I-CTDI!

    I gave the engine a good rev at the auction and all seemed fine so I decided to take a punt! I don't believe that the owner only serviced the car 5 times! But that's all the documentation I have. The car came straight from the dealer, obviously a trade-in.

    All seems to be fine, engine sounds good, except:

    1) Bubbling of power steering fluid - The pump line O-ring needs replaced no biggy - apparently a TBC on this. Pump itself sounds fine.
    2) From the right hand side of the engine I can hear a minor ringing noise - no Idea what this is. Does not seem to get any louder with revving so I am not majorly worried. I'll post a youtube clip of the sound later as I would like to get to the bottom of this.
    3) Boot handle requires you to push it in before closing otherwise it doesn't lock.

    I am going to service the usual oils, filters & fluids. After reading the 1 or 2 horror stories the thought did cross my mind to sell her but I think I'll keep her!

    The only real questions are 2) above and

    4) Does the new auxillary belt routing which avoids one of the pulleys apply to the FR-V I-CTDI? I have Seen this discussed for the Accord and CR-V but not FR-V.
    5) Anyone have youtube links to what a dodgy chain sounds like. Despite all the shouting about it I can't find any! Has this issue been over stated by a vocal minority?
    6) Lastly, any other TBC's that I should be aware of that I can manage myself?


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    Don't be put off by high mileage I-CTDI my accord done 218k and still running smooth I have had a new chain&clutches apart from that just general wear and tear, if you ok with spanners change oil every 8k others may say 6k. You will know if chain going by noise, if you got a noise and not sure if chain it won't be, also most off my woes were more than likely from having a remap.
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    so is diesel really so bad? all I can see is diesels Accords for sale at my corner of uk
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    Hey bud
    Welcome to AOC
    No they are not that bad abduction no worse than any other modern diesel providing they are looked after. Have you contacted the previous owner to see what he/she has done regarding servicing. Like you I suspect it has had services possible diy ? if it haddent prob wouldn't be running!
    I think the diesels are fine yes hardened petrol fans will say not but who cares? I like both drop the oil and take it from there these engines seem to like fresh oil, well mine does. I change my oil about every 4-5k and buy it from here far cheaper that way 25 litre tubs don't take much room :Smile:

    If your happy with your buy that's all that matters you could run it to your local dealer if your worried about the chsinand ask them to have a listen.
    Keep us posted on how she is going ..
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    Chain problem was on the early Accords as your FR-V is a 2006 I would probably say you shouldn't have to worry about the chain. Post your video to the noise I had to replace the alternator pulley mine had an intermittent noise that was the auto clutch built into the pulley packing up this along with bearing failure is caused by the longer belt. Honda will sell you the new shorter belt it comes with a picture showing which idler pulley gets binned. I believe there is a picture of the way the new belt should be routed on here (if not I have it at home) so you can use that to check how your belt is routed then you will know if its been changed or not.
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    Hi Dave,

    I checked the belt and it's the longer variety that goes round a pulley close to the alternator.

    Does the FR-V benefit from a shorter belt like the Accord?


  7. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I would say so as they have the same engine.
  8. DieselPower Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Cool, will add this to the list of things I need to buy from the stealer!
  9. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Around £30 I think but it was a while ago when I did mine.
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    I got mine from Holcroft, £46 i think.
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    Think my belt cost me about £45 from Holdcroft, I'll check tomorrow
  12. DieselPower Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    46 quid is too rich for me. Ill have to see, might just buy it from euro car parts. They have 7PK1785 which is the shorter one (I think) for 23 quid and 7PK2265 (longer) for 28
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    I've just bought a diesel FR-V having owned a Civic with the same engine for the past four years. It never let me down, hence my choice of another 2.2. I've been a member of a Civic forum throughout that time and I can't recall belts / chains ever being raised as an issue. Premature clutch wear and the EGR can need some attention if you are unlucky though.
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    Hi DieselPower, just thought I'd drop in and say welcome to the forum.

    I don't know a great deal about diesel more of a petrol man myself but looks like you've had some good feedback from those that do.

    Enjoy the site bud.
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    I love this place, you will not find a better place bro