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    Just a bit of a rant:
    Now then, what is all this on the net / honest john saying that Hondas commitment and effort on their first diesel was half hearted and that the engines / DMF's / clutches are basically unreliable....

    And to quote HJ: "By August 2009 was starting to hear of turbo bearing failures on 2.2i CDTIs."

    How many units are they "starting to see fail", and has user error been considered as a factor.... My grandad RIP had a habit of revving the nuts off the engine before switching off - probably served some logical purpose on old petrol cars, but not gonna help turbos on diesels.
    I just think that maybe there's a bit of BS floating round about Hondas "first diesel" and not much hard evidence that there is anything inherently "wrong" with their design.

    People said the same thing about the Peugeot 407 clutch / DMF but I sold mine at 137k still on it's 1st clutch.

    Is this just ford fans trying to hate on a "reliable" brand?
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    Apparently not changing the oil regularly causes the chains to go. I would of thought the same with the turbo too. The same clutch is in the Civic which is also known to wear badly. If you look after a cdti engine from birth then they do tend to be pretty good. I'm sure there's something 200k milers that have had trouble free motoring.
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    Aye but my take on these sorts of issues with all cars is usually user error will compound a risk factor. I.E relatively high torque compared to car weight plus using second gear as a catapult before the clutch has bitten properly...

    I think a lot of drivers don't even realise the abuse they inflict on their cars on a daily basis because they're late for work or w/e.
    Like my mum every time she gets in a car she violently shakes the gearstick fro side to side "to check its in neutral" then wonders why the gearbox is grinding, never even suspecting it could be her fault.
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    As you say incorrect maintenance compounding a risk factor
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    As with all complex mechanical things, they need to be maintained to the manufacturers schedule.
    Failure to do so will inevitably lead to the weakest point failing.
    The I-CTDI was Honda's first diesel, and reviewed as the best one of it's time.
    I have one of these earliest units in my Accord and it's a great engine.

    Incorrect oil, missing oil changes, insufficient or excess oil will all have a consequence.

    My handbook says that you should run the engine for 2 minutes before switching off.
    This is not to circulate the oil, but to cool down the turbo.
    If you've just stopped at motorway services then I would advise doing this.
    For normal driving, just let her idle for 30-60 seconds - leave her running whilst you get your phone, unbuckle seat belts etc
    It's not difficult.

    As far as HJ is concerned, the politest thing I can say, is that he has little credibility or respect here !

    For now, your Honda has an owner trying to do the right thing, just like the rest of us on here.
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    201k and still going with my 'self-healing' clutch :Smile: Take that, HJ.
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    The one thing that always stuck in my mind from reviews about Honda's first own diesel was that it drove like a petrol - something others couldn't achieve. As for Honest John, well I won't swear but he's just like all the rest in that anything from the fatherland is the best thing since sliced bread. It's strange that even when there's a big list of problems with a BMW etc they still give it 5 out of 5 stars.
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    A colleague was driving mine up to Liverpool from Wales, with me in the passenger seat. About half way there he looks at the instrument panel, and exclaims "is this a f'in diesel?" Having noticed the low red line.
    This guy used to work for hertz and has driven every car you can think of including the exotics.
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    HJ also states "no beauty contest winner" under the What to watch out for section.
    And also says there is no low oil indicator - my oil light is amber for low level and red for under / over pressure
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    A reliability evidence photo taken from the "king of mileage" of our german Accordforum in may 2013:
    Honda Accord 2,2 I-CTDI Sport - 2004. The I-CTDI has actual run more than 550.000 Km without failures.

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  11. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    The I-CTDI is a great engine, :Happy:550,000km without failures and still going.
    Thank you @ACC-CDI-2T for sharing this with us.
    Just follow the maintenance schedule.
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    I need to get a "Eat my shorts" emoticon yikes.
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    Though it wasn't wise to post pictures of ourselves on here :Rolf:
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    ... still far away, but my Accord reached half time today ... :Smile: :Smile: :Smile:

    Half time.JPG

    Problems: no
    Contended: very ! :Niceone:
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