Engine & Gearbox i-CTDi Diesel engine hesitation and loss of power

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    This is a common and frequent issue you driving along all of a sudden the engine management light come on (MIL) with the loss power and hesitation.There are a few things you as owner need to short list before diagnosing a fix.

    First what has changed on the car before this issue surfaced?

    • Has the diesel fuel filter been changed & when was the last time it was changed?
    • If it was changed was a genuine Honda part used?
    • Has the car run out of fuel and then it been refilled?
    • The DTC code P1065 is stored in the ECU.

    Causes and fixes

    • Poor quality of fuel the contaminants have clogged up the filter.
    • Miss fuelled avoid filling petrol in a diesel car .
    • Air trapped in the system if the car is run out of fuel the system needs to be bled and primed by the hand primer once its fuelled back . Pump the hand primer at least 25-30 times until its rock hard. Use the top 10mm bolt to bleed air out of the system.
    • Frozen fuel due to low temperature around minus 20 degrees or fuel heater is defective
    • If Non genuine Honda fuel filter is used this issue surfaces relatively quickly. Always use genuine Honda fuel filters .it is well documented a non genuine filter causes this issue and after a replacement with a genuine filter the issue is resolved completely.
    • Common mistake after fuel filter replacement (prefacelift) the pipes can be fitted incorrectly so check the pipes are connected correctly. Check the drain bolt a black screw (Bosch filters) are fitted and secure.
    • If all of the above issue doesn’t resolve the issue you need to go into a diesel specialist or a Honda dealer to get the car hooked up to diagnostic machine to trace the issue.

    They need to step by step go through the listed causes and fix this issue.


    If you do run out of fuel and you get the car running correctly, the first thing you should do it replace the fuel filter immediately. Lastly avoid running out of fuel.
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    Hi All, do similar problems occur with gen 8, I-DTEC model?
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    No this is for the I-CTDI models only. If your 8th Generation experiencing these symptoms then a good full service will cure it.
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    this only applies to pre-facelit as I didn't seen any bolt to bleed the fuel system in my facelift model and in manual is said that to bleed fuel system you just need to start the engine and keep revs at around 1500rpm for about 30 sek and that's it, but if glow plug or MIL light is still on you need to turn the engine on and off three times keeping gaps around 30 sek between procedures. :Wink:
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    Thanks for that some good info here
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