Engine & Gearbox i-CTDi Engine Jerk During Acceleration

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    Hi, I have a 2005 2.2 I-CTDI saloon. Love it to bits, but....

    Now and again, when I accelerate fairly hard in 2nd or 3rd, the engine will die momentarily and then pick up speed as normal. Not the end of the world I know, but quite disconcerting when you are in mid-overtaking mode.

    I have also experienced this at it's extreme causing the car to go into limp-mode very occasionally until the vehicle is left switched off for a while.

    Anyone got any ideas as to what the cause might be?

    Appreciate any help on this smile.
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    Hi Colin ,

    Welcome to AOC there are multiple topics which can cause this issue. Pleae have a look at these thread to kick off your understanding of it.

    Engine & Gearbox - i-CTDi Diesel engine hesitation and loss of power
    Engine & Gearbox - i-CTDi Intermittent loss of power with no DTC’s stored on ECU
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    There a loads of threads with information please search and spend time on the community you will soon find majority of your answers. if you do get stuck respond on threads which you think are relevant to your issue. I am sure we can help you along.
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    Hi there, I have the same problem with my accord, did you ever find out the cause?

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    Try changing the fuel filter but go genuine.
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    Iv already changed the filter its not a genuine one but it had the problem before I changed it, I wouldn't have thought there would be any difference between genuine and pattern filters, iv never had any problems like this before and I never buy genuine. Thanks for the info though. Iv had my diagnostic tool on and no faults are saved on the ECU either.
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    One of the commonest faults to cause jerking on the ICTDI is the fitting of non genuine fuel filters. It's been proven time and time again.
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    Ill give it a try then thanks. would an OE filter be ok or does it have to be a dealer filter?
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    I Could get pattern filters cheap as chips but given the quirky nature of these modern diesels just wouldn't risk it pick one up from HH. they post free and the filter is not that expensive. Keep us posted...
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    HH? do you have a web address for them is it holdcroft honda? thanks
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    Yes mate, sorry
    Holdcroft Honda just tell em your in the club.
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    Thanks for that ill give them a try
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    just to update you all tried holdcroft honda for the fuel filter they said it was 42 pound so I told them I was in the accord owners club and they said they would do it for 33.60, so I tried my local dealer and they said they would match the price. Iv changed the filter today and there is quite a difference in size, anyway Iv booted it up and down the road a few times without any problems fingers crossed thats it. Thank you both for your help much appreciated. :GoodJob: