Guides i-DTEC Manual Transmission Fluid Inspection and Replacement

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    This is a guide from the WSM which should give pointers to members with this car is how to do this task.

    1.Raise the vehicle on a lift, and make sure it is securely supported.
    2. Remove the engine undercover (A) from the splash shield


    3. Remove the 6 mm fluid check bolt (A) and the 6 mm sealing washer (B). Check the condition of the MTF and make sure it is at the proper level (C).
    MTF i-DTEC 1a.PNG

    4. If the fluid is dirty, remove the drain plug (D) and the 14 mm sealing washer (E) and drain the MTF.
    MTF i-DTEC 1.PNG
    5. Install the drain plug with a new 14 mm sealing washer.

    6.Lower the vehicle on the lift.

    7. Remove the air cleaner housing. * or you can use a tool like for Step 8 this to bypass the air cleaner removal Guides - MTF Inspection and Replacement • Honda Karma

    8. Remove the filler plug (A) and the 20 mm sealing washer (B).
    MTF i-DTEC 2.PNG

    9. Refill the MTF from the filler plug hole on the transmission until the MTF overflows from the fluid check bolt hole (A). Always use genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF).
    Fluid Capacity:
    2.2 L (2.3 US qt, 1.9 Imp qt) at fluid change
    2.5 L (2.6 US qt, 2.2 Imp qt) at overhaul

    10. Raise the vehicle on the lift.
    11. After the fluid stops overflowing, install the 6 mm fluid check bolt (B) with a new 6 mm sealing washer (C).
    MTF i-DTEC 3.PNG

    12. Install the engine undercover (A) to the splash shield.
    MTF i-DTEC 4.PNG

    13. Lower the vehicle on the lift.

    14. Install the filler plug (A) with a new 20 mm sealing washer (B).
    MTF i-DTEC 5.PNG
    15. Install the air cleaner housing .

    16. Check the service information in the service remainder system , if the system is equipped, go to step 17 .

    17. Connect the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) to the data link connector (DLC) .

    18. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).

    19. Make sure the HDS communicates with the vehicle and the ECM. If it doesn't communicate, troubleshoot the DLC circuit .

    20. Select BODY ELECTRICAL with the HDS.

    21. Select ADJUSTMENT in the GAUGES MENU with the HDS.


    23. Reset SERVICE REMINDER ITEM 3 (shows MTF) with the HDS .
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    Do you have automatic guide also?
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    Thanks Ichiban.

    So I set about doing my 6 month oil change but also had a go at doing the gearbox oil. Milage is ~55,000 on an 09 plate.

    First of all I did the engine oil change, see the guide here:

    Guides - How to change the Engine oil on a i-DTEC engine • Honda Karma

    I use this:

    Eng oil.

    Next the Gearbox Oil change:

    The Car


    The tools:


    Man oil.

    Jack up the car, placing four axle stands in the appropriate place ensuring that the car is level. You will then need to remove the under engine cover using a 10mm socket (7 x 10mm bolts)


    The engine bay:

    Next you need to locate the Gearbox Drain bolt which is found between the Air Filter Housing and the Battery. I decided to remove the Air Filter sousing to improve access but I still needed the 400mm extension bar for a socket ratchet. I also bought a 3/8" square socket for a firm fit. This will do both the Fill bolt and the Drain bolt. Note, the Fill bolt does not respond to a magnet!


    Air Filter Housing:


    Gearbox Fill Bolt:

    The gearbox fill bolt is found between the Air Filter housing and Battery.

    fillbolt1b. fillbolt2. fillbolt3.

    The gearbox Fill bolt removed:


    Removing the Air Filter housing:

    The Air Filter housing can be removed by undoing two bolts and prising off the rubber grommet. Also removing the Air Hoses connecting to and from the housing. There is also a sensor cable plug that requires unclipping.

    filt in. filt out.



    The Gearbox Drain and Level Check Bolts:

    These are easily found. The views below are looking forward. The Level Check bolt requires a 10mm socket.

    gearbox1. Gearbox2.
    Undo the Drain bolt and drain the gearbox. Once drained remove the Level Check bolt and replace the Drain bolt using a new crush washer, these are the same as the Oil Sump Bolt crush washers.

    Using an appropriate funnel, fill the gearbox using the Honda MTF-3 Manual Transmission oil until oil can be seen coming out of the Level Check bolt hole. Replace the Level Check bolt and then replce the Fill bolt using as a new crush washer. I used about 2.2 to 2.3 Litres of oil.

    Replace the Air Filter Housing and the Under Engine Cover, take the car off the axle stands and job done!
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    How do the gear changes feel now?
  5. narcosis Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Easy and sharp.
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    Excellent. What's next?
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    Nels, Probably nothing :Smile: The car is pretty much sorted for service. I may look at doing the brake discs next year. In the meatime it needs a damm good clean, I just need to find the time or a minion!
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    Mine's filthy too @narcosis. Two long trips away and all this muck off the motorways and country roads. :Frown:
    Not sure I would trust a minion on the paintwork though. :shock:
  10. narcosis Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    No I'm not sure I'd trust my wife either! ;-)
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    Can you re-upload the pictures please?
    I only see some X's in a box
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    The image issue is being still looked into.

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