General I-DTEC running as a taxi

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by rhinogolf, Sunday 18th Aug, 2013.

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    Well have got the I-DTEC running as a taxi now for 3wks, what a difference from the I-CTDI so much more comfy feels and drives lovely and looks tons better,the amount of compliments is unbelievable i have had the car since last September and not really driven it, the wife has always been in the car.
    Anyway yesterday got a fare to Ayr Scotland 9hrs of driving and it was lovely.
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    I know how you feel the 8th Generation makes the 7th Generation inferior nearly in all departments, the more you drive the 8th Generation you feel why did I bother with the 7th Generation.

    The 8th Generation is a epic car which is very underrated and not appreciated for it value. Ask any 8th Generation owner they will easily say I wish they had made the switch earlier.
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    Ayr !!!! Thats a nice fare for you !!