Off-Topic I fought the lathe and the lathe won !

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by SpeedyGee, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2012.

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    Very lucky. My grandfather was a lorry mechanic and someone he knew lost his arm in a lathe.
    I always remember him telling me the guy felt relief when his arm came off.
    Made me very careful during my engineering apprenticeship.
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    I have always hated Stanley knifes and lathes they give me the shivers of number of reasons I stayed away from them. Any precession measuring,weighing I am right in. My dad had a digital weighing balance in the late 1980's and I loved using the gloves and tweezers and his digital vernier callipers.

    That's why I prefer CNC machine get your cad drawings get the inputs feed in watch the cutter doing it magic behinds a closed door. When I used to work for Honda I always drooled over Hitachi and Mitsubishi industrial cutters and bits they were so sharp and well engineered they looked pieces of art.