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    My RAC renewal is due shortly; I have roadside and recovery, the cost is escalating every year; I've been a member for over 40, years; not called them out yet! I was thinking of going to AA with just basic cover for just £39.00 a year, is the extra cost of R&R with RAC worth it?
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    If you do break down, it's likely to be the roadside and recovery bit that's most relevant. Does the AA or RAC cover offer HomeStart for that price?

    Our full cover is £58 at the moment using our SUMMER18 promo code and provides for all these things plus Overnight Stay, Onward Travel, Reflief Driver, etc.

    If you'd like a quote or further details please visit or call us on 08009172274.
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    I pay £10 a month with HSBC to include breakdown cover as part of my account, along with travel and mobile cover. very reasonable considering it's a joint account and my wife is covered too. Maybe check with your bank as they may offer something similar.
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    Thanks Guy's, something to think about? renewal due end of August; waiting to find out the cost for this (next) year? may just go basic cover; they fix it or tow you to a garage that can fix it.. AA or RAC? I'm with RAC at present.
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    Check what cover your insurer will offer for what price too. Admiral (through Green Flag) give me recovery, relay and home start for £50 (one car) because I'm insured with them.
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    My dealer gives me 12 months Honda Assistance every year for free when I have my car serviced by them
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    Is that standard with all main dealers?
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    At the individual dealers discretion
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    Have a look at
    I've been with them 4 years now, they don't have their own vans they just use AA, RAC etc and send out whoever is the closest.

    You used to have to pay the company that came out and claim it back from autoaid but they've done away with that now and you don't have to do anything. They offer everything including relay and homestart and also cover caravans and trailers in the price. It's £48.31 a year. They also cover your legal spouse for free.

    I've only used them once and that was for my friends Kia that wouldn't startat home. They sent the AA out and it turned out to be a corroded earth. Never had to use them apart from that, touch wood!
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    Haggle with them, I did with the RAC last year and brought their price down to the cheapest online price I could find. Just research what the others offer so you know and sound what your on about.
    I have also recently heard off a guy who during the snow had to have his car recovered due to a puncture (patrol man wouldn't/couldn't change the wheel), he used his insurance recovery company and it affected his no claims bonus, so check when taking breakdown cover with your insurance that any use of it does not affect you car insurance no claims bonus and/or premium.
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    I agree, you need to be careful when you purchase anything from insurance companies; seems there's always a catch somewhere in the small print.
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    I am with Start Rescue. My friend recommended them to me a couple years ago.
    Absolute value for money.
    My friend has used them a couple times and is similar to autoaid whereby they call on nearby recovery people.

    We all drive Honda's so they rarely break down, but these guys are great for backup when the unexpected does happen. It doesnt break the bank year on year if you don't use them.
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