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    United Kingdom Katie Durham
    Afternoon all,

    Looking for a bit of convincing.

    I am about 99% settled on a 15 plate 1.6 diesel Civic SE +

    Test drove it yesterday and it felt canny with a fair bit of poke, but whenever I buy a new car I like to come and check out owners forums and see what the crack is.

    I have only had Japanese cars before now and I'll be trading in a 2.4 petrol Grand Vitara for the Civic, although lets not mention the 2014 Land Rover I have too icon_lol.

    I think I just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :welcome: to HK Katie

    I'm an Accord owner, so cannot give you a first hand answer to you question. However, what I do know is that Honda are, and have been, the most reliable brand for the last nine years!
    The 1.6 diesel engine in the Civic will give you fantastic MPG and many people love their Civics.

    The only thing that you need to ensure, is that you regularly cover long enough journeys to keep the DPF clear. It's not annual mileage, but type of journey. This is a point to be aware of for all modern diesels with DPFs, not just Hondas. Also, ensure the oil is changed at least as per the service schedule. Many on here do this more frequently.

    I'm sure there are others on here that can enlighten you more, so over to them...
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    United Kingdom Katie Durham
    The MPG is a big selling point to be honest.

    I get about 26mp out of my current car and the one before that was a Impreza WRX and about 28mpg.
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    United Kingdom Katie Durham
    Oh thats really useful, thank you!

    The shoehorning in to the car is something I felt myself after being used to a 4x4!
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    As long as you cover a few longer journeys to keep the DPF will be fine and you'll get great MPG
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    IMHO the Civic is a very good, but under rated car. When I've had one as a courtesy vehicle, I've been far more impressed than when I had a VW Tiguan and had Golfs.

    I think it is very colour dependant though, and the black grille surround isn't universally popular. For me but looks best in red metallic, and urban titanium (sort of brown!) but that's just me...

    There are still some great deals to be had on the pre-facelift cars as well - check out the Honda website.

    end of line
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    United Kingdom .
    Welcome Katie!
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    England Speedy Birmingham
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    As most have said before me you will have no problems with your choice as long you keep up with the servicing etc.

    You should have many pleasurable miles driving ahead of you. Some lovely countryside up that neck of the woods to enjoy the wonder of Honda.