Autocar I wish Honda would speed up the arrival of its new fast cars

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    S660-02_0. The Beat revival is big news, as are the other sports cars on the horizon — but Honda is lacking a performance model in its UK portfolioGreat to see the flame of creativity burning at Honda again with the appearance of the S660 sports car.
    This is a great looking car, with ‘Want Me’ scrawled all over it. But don’t get too excited, because this baby twin-seater has a baby engine too, which makes it unlikely to sell here despite its sexy styling.
    Its power-to-price ratio probably won’t stack up, so we’ll have to make do with a handful of grey imports, as we did with similarly scaled and frantically unfast Honda Beat a couple of decades back.
    Still, at least we’re eventually getting the NSX supercar and the next-gen Civic Type-R. Eventually, because these speedy Hondas are heading here painfully slowly.
    The promising NSX won’t arrive until 2015 because the Japanese and American markets take priority. And a little bafflingly, given how old the current Civic is already, the 300bhp Civic Type-R won’t appear before 2015 either.
    I’m sure the creative fires at Honda have far from burned out. But it doesn’t feel that way in its showrooms, where the only car with a hint of Soichiro flair is the CR-Z, now almost three years old. It will be four when we get the NSX and Type-R.
    That’s too long for a company whose image is greying.