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    Is it best to reduce the tyre pressures in icy/snow conditions or is this just a miff
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    I stick to what's recommended on the tyre placard . Best time to check tyre pressures in winters late evening and the car has been standing for an hour after its last use.

    I have never reduced tyre pressures for Tarmac use.
  3. I've heard it helps in snow but I've never tried it.
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    I checked last year with the tyre specialist at Vredestein and he confirmed that you should stick to the standard pressures specified by Honda.
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    Quote from AA.
    Tread depth and pressure
    Whatever tyres you fit they must have enough tread – at least 3mm is recommended for winter, and certainly no less than 2mm.
    Check tyre pressures too but don't be tempted to try reducing pressure when there's snow and ICE about – it doesn't help with grip and can affect handling.
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