General ID of this FR-V air system part please?

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    I changed the plugs and air filter on my wife's 2.0 FR-V petrol yesterday.

    Much to my annoyance, when I went to remove the airbox cover I found that some cowboy had previously snapped the hose off the side entry to this sensor that links to the airbox, then superglued it back on really badly! It was actually firing air out all over the place, total bodge job and possibly why we aren't seeing any better than 27mpg!

    Could anybody please tell me the exact name for this (is it air pressure or flow sensor?) and is the black plastic part alone replaceable, or am I looking at a complete new sensor?

    I'm pretty annoyed at this, my wife used a cheapo fast-fit garage for its last service, against my advice to go with our local indy mechanic, because it was more convenient for her time-wise. I suspect but cannot prove they have snapped this and bodged it back together, alas cannot prove it 12 months down the line.


    FRV Sensor.JPG
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    Air bypass valve. It's used during engine warm up to help atomise the fuel.
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    why would there be any need to remove that hose, for routine servicing. Or its ploy for you to come back to the garage complaining about high fuel consumption to be then told for a full service and they clamp the hose hose back.
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    I should qualify - I removed the vertical hose momentarily, just to do a light 'pull' test to see if the black plastic part was a seperate component from the whole valve assembly, and to get a better photo, in the absence of not knowing exact part name.
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