Engine & Gearbox Idler and tensioner bearing

Discussion in 'Honda K-Series' started by RandomDan, Friday 9th Feb, 2018.

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    So either the belt idler or tension is screeching like a bitch but I can't easily tell which.
    Are the bearings in both of them the same or are they different?
    :tut: if I'm gonna pay 30quid a pulley if the bearings are only a fiver each!
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    England Steve Derbyshire
    Do you mean for the chain or the auxiliary belt?

    I suppose a chain idler wouldn't screech. I did the idler pulley bearing on my EP3 the other day. I'll find the bearing number out.

    EDIT: It's a 6203 bearing for the top idler pulley. Either 2Z or 2RS it doesn't matter really it just means either metal or rubber shielded. The original is a 6203-2RS.
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