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    .. please use these affiliate links:
    Epilepsy Action - | Epilepsy Action
    Families Need Fathers - Families Need Fathers
    St Francis Hospice - Community Fund Raising - Saint Francis Hospice

    Basically if you follow the links on any of those pages and purchase an item off Amazon, the charity will earn 5% of the final price. I've tried my best to do this over the past year, especially on big ticket purchases. TCB + Quidco don't payout for amazon anyway so its a win win situation. If you think about amazons daily turnover and how large 5% is, it could do a world of wonder for charities.

    I've been meaning to post this for a while but I kept on forgetting till I made a big purchase a few minutes ago.

    Thanks for reading :Smile:

    P.S - Come to think of it, just bookmark one of the affiliate links and follow the bookmark to amazon from now on, can't believe I didn't think of this earlier!

    EDIT: There are more out there but it's hard finding them, please feel free to give me more links and I'll put them up here.
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    Good call @Chunkylover53 :Thumbup:
    Things like this set us apart from others and will make us The Honda Owners Site :Hooray:
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    Nice one chunkylover53, it's surely a great idea to link our purchases to the charities which help those less fortunate.
    I hope I'm not breaking any rules by mentioning a charity I've worked with for a few years now, that sends tools to Africa. There's no money involved, I simply collect unwanted tools and take them to the nearest depot. Check the website if you want to be part of something wonderful. PM me for more details.

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    Thanks for the heads up Chunky, daughter suffers from Epilepsy so will certainly be doing this.
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