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    I have seen a few queries about loss of ignition with other symptoms, I have been losing ignition in a totally random manner. when it happens all I have to do is turn key to off then on and car restarts. I have looked at a lot of possibilities and am coming to the conclusion that my barrel or key are at fault has anyone else had this problem and what solved it :Search:(it is automatic and don't even have to restart in neutral)
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    If it's key related it's probably the contacts in the barrel. But I'm wondering if it's the inhibitor switch on the gearbox. Don't know about Hondas but a lot of autos need to be started in park.
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    yes that's the thing about my problem it is a matter of flick the switch and its back on ? ? ?
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    I went into key cutters shop today and asked for another key to be cut to see if it may be my key worn. The guy said no problem but you need to keep the original key close to new one as it has a transponder in it, ok I said and he cut me a key. Got back to car had both keys together and put the new one in the ignition all lights on but no start-up. so went to take out new key and go back to old key and it would not come out, not even a pair of pliers in the car had to phone my mate to come with his toolbox for a pair of pliers which was enough to get key out. ( new key transponder was taken out before cutting ) Back to the drawing board :Blink:
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    Nick Derby
    Please treat this idea with caution but may be worth a go. It does sound as if you have a barrel issue if your key was sticking like that but in case it's not...

    Grab yourself a small wire brush or sandpaper and some contact cleaner (WD40 will do but make sure it dries out before you put it back together)
    Do this in place or remove it, but pop the ignition switch out and carefully pop the white plastic cap off using a flat blade screwdriver. Be careful as breaking the plastic lugs may cause more of a problem. Also beware as that "cap" actually contains contacts. Brush up and clean the contacts, both in the cap and in the black bit. You'll probably find the contact making parts are worn and black. Clean away the blackness until you see the bare metal (usually copper coloured depending on the manufacturer). Clean up, make sure there are no bits of wire brush or debris from sandpaper etc left inside. Pop it back together and give it a go. Can often make a switch last longer than it would have otherwise. Maybe a last-chance saloon fix though, probably rather easy to make it worse!
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    thanks for your advice I will get on to the barrel after, still not sure about the key as I think it has been worn down and before I try the barrel I will give the new key a bit of attention to get it to go in and out smoothly before the next step :Search: