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    I'm in need of a little help and some creative thinking. Sorry for massive post)

    Does anyone know anything about aftermarket gearboxes or pref. kits for gearbox conversion?
    A little background to frame my question better:

    Long story short it takes me a lot of concentration to change gear. For two reasons.

    1) My left foot kind of does what it wants to and I have little control over the angle (the ankle crunches like a mouth full of Pringles too when trying to angle the incline of my foot too) not only that, but I have little feeling in the leg so clutch work isn't exactly easy.

    Q) I have little feeling in my left hand, grasping the gearstick is further complicated by an inability to reach forward for it. The reach issue can be solved with an angled comedicly long gearstick, or a very expensive aftermarket paddle system. (Approx 3k plus fitting and a couple of sensors)!but that comes with its own problems.

    We think we have the clutch issues sinched by way of a hydrolic peddle box and staging valves to make the clutch more forgiving while maintaining good shift times and to change the angle of my foot on the peddle. Oh, and a Strap.

    The real issue I'm having problems devising (or affording!) a solution for is the gearbox itself.
    If I'm going to use reach bars and/or bent gear stick elements then I need to make the shift pattern a lot simpler, while improving or at least maintaining ease of use.

    So my real question is....

    can you think of anything I might not of in way of an answer to my gearbox conundrum?

    How about straight cut mod-kit perhaps? Is that even possible on the Dseries box without selling a kidney? Or even The left (ha!) field ideas such as "buy a wrecked Jazz, take the iShift and ECU and find a translation plate... Possibly the front axle.... And sell a kidney to pay for the garage bill for the wiring"
    (Not exactly the most feasible hypothesise from my mate there but you get my drift).

    If I'm going to have to pay 3k+ for a shift system I will do it but I would need that VOSA (or whatever they call themselves now) inspected, right?

    A lot of reading so if you stick it this far if I ever meet you I owe you a cornetto just for reading the post.
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    Umm I know that feeling I had this same feeling in the 90's and I was lucky to drive a EG with a dog shift gear box. Till this date I loved that gearbox and still have orgasmic dreams the feeling was like riding a bike just spectacular I recommended this @DeviateDefiant ages ago but he was not interested .

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