Bulletins & Advisories IMA battery maintenance during long storage

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    Honda issued this TSB #HUK000000000293 dated 04-12-03 for the two Hybrids models

    Civic 4 Doors ES9 MY03 & MY04
    Insight ZE1 all year models


    If IMA-batteries are left unused for some time, it will affect the life of the batteries. Therefore, vehicles with IMA-batteries that are not used for some time, have to have the batteries charged every 90 days. Please inform all customers, sales and storage departments

    When the car arrives, check the assembly date on the vehicle card and the latest charging date (if any) on the back of the card :
    In this case, it's the 19th July 2001. Charge the battery pack every 90 days and write the date of charging on the back of the vehicle card

    In this case, it's the 19th July 2001. Charge the battery pack every 90 days and write the date of charging on the back of the vehicle card.

    Charging procedure during long storage

    Turn the ignition off. Disconnect the negative cable of the 12v battery, wait at least 1 minute, remove the engine compartment fuse box cover and Install the
    three 10A- fuses and then reconnect the 12v-battery.


    Shift to Neutral or Park and pull up the handbrake. Start the engine and run it at 3500-4000 RPM. The charge display will show 4 segments and the battery pack will start charging. It will be fully charged when all 20 segments light up. This will take about 5 minutes.



    A = Start of charging
    B = Fully charged

    When the IMA battery is fully charged switch off engine and remove ignition key, remove the engine compartment fuse box cover and remove the three 10Afuses.
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    Bump to all first gen Hybrid car owners there is no need to invest in Hybrid grid chargers for your ZE1 & ES9 you just need a regime to maintain the batteries by the above method.

    Modern Honda ZE2, ZF1& GP1 Hybrids can be done in the similar fashion. Please insure your car is at normal temperature before reeving your engine at the suggested RPM., it not advisable to rev a cold engine that hard so early on.
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    bumpy for all IMA owners always keep the state of charge on your IMA topped for longer life, otherwise in 9-10 years these batteries will fail.
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    I want to see if this method works, I have a ZE1 and it does have a grid charger which was installed by previous owner but giving that I don't have a garage to keep it safe during a nights charge I don't really want to use it. I've been searching forever on forums, mainly insight central and they say there is no other way of getting the batteries 'balanced'. Im hoping that this method balances the batteries and doesn't just overcharge a couple of sticks and undercharges others. As of now i've been having to reset the battery gauge by removing a fuse and placing it back 'which was a suggestion on an insight central forum, they suggested also revving it over 3,000rpm' so that It reads empty and charges for a couple of mins until its reading full which i'm sure it isn't because after a couple of days the batteries feel rather weak again. I also know that its not telling the truth because it doesn't go through the normal battery gauge cycle because its either totally full or it goes all the way down to nothing and engine starts charging which it never done when I first got the car, the bars on the battery gauge depleted a couple of bars at a time. Anyway Im wondering if the method is any different than the method you have given, as in, it actually does it fix unbalanced battery issue and actually charges all of the sticks, you mention placing three 10Afuses, guess I could get those from Ebay, a reply would be appreciated :Smile: