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    England Robert Lancashire
    I received the following from the Post Office and was immediately concerned that someone was impersonating me, and maybe had cloned one of my cards. I e.mailed the Post Office saying that I had not reserved any money from them and could they give me more information. I checked my bank accounts and credit cards, but there were no debits to the Post Office. I was in two minds about contacting my bank and credit card suppliers.

    Hello Robert
    Thank you for your travel money reservation. We hope this means you're off somewhere exciting and we'd like to wish you a happy trip.
    At the Post Office we offer more than just great travel money rates. We also provide travel insurance in branch and online so you can enjoy your holiday and be confident that you're in safe hands.
    Our Classic cover option provides:
    Kids covered free
    3 day European single trip cover from only £7.66 and 9 days from only £22.50
    24/7 emergency medical helpline
    Approved claims settled within 5 working days*
    Today I received the following e.mail:

    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your email, regarding the recent email correspondence you

    have received from us regarding a recent travel money order.

    I am sorry that you have had cause to contact us regarding this matter.

    I have clarified that this email is a general advertisement to all of our

    customers who have signed up for offers and information from Post Office

    Ltd, and not for orders which have recently been placed or purchased.

    We have passed the details of your concerns to our Marketing department

    so that they are aware of these issues.

    Please accept my apologies once again for the inconvenience and concerns

    that the email caused you.

    Idiotic or what. It doesn't look like a piece of marketing, rather a confirmation of a reservation. I'm furious.
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    It does indeed look like a currency reservation. Very poor marketing.
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    What a bunch of idiots. I get fed up every time you go to the post office, and they try to sell you something.
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    Their all at it these days!