Pre-Facelift Model Important question about tourer i've just bought

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    Hi all, brand new to the forum. I recently went to look a black 2004 accord tourer 2.2. The car is lovely, had a very good test drive, and checked the car underneath and more, tyre treads, suspension sag cam rattle ECT ECT. The car was faultless, a few odd marks here and there, but its a 2004...

    So I put a deposit down and waited for the garage to do a service and MOT on the car, aswell as replace the 2 rear tyres, sort out the difference in suspension height at the rear, and sort out a small oil leak at the back of the engine. All seems to be well. paperwork all signed today, got in the car, drove 30 yards down the road, waited in a queue of traffic, went to pull off (with the flow of traffic) reached 20mph on the DOT and the car would go no faster!!
    it was then I realised the car's engine managment light was on.

    Now I do work for a main Honda dealership, and they will have all the fault codes ECT ECT, but I wanted first hand experiences from Tourer owners of usual symptoms. Has anyone ever been limited to 20mph? I hear people on here saying they can only rev so high or the revs are irratic or hunting. This time, the car was as smooth as anything, but will not pass 20... Also when I turn the car OFF, the green key light flashes, I did see a post on "the green key flash"

    Any advise or info would be massively appreciated.

    In the morning im going to speak to the garage and get them to give me the fault code.

    Is it possible they may have upset the VGA system whilst removing the rear wheels? No idea where this/these are located but I am told they link in with the ABS??

    Thanks in advance all and hopefully I will be driving my accord soon!!

    Cheers - Alex
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    Hi Alex, welcome to AOC.

    Get the codes read and see what they say. Engine won't into limp mode for ABS/VSA issues.

    There must be an engine issue. Let us know what the codes are and we then advise you further.
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    green key always flashes when you turn off the engine, so it's normal, but if it comes to your engine issues that's strange and I never heard about, so lets wait for fault codes.
    btw. why you didn't get back to the garage where you bought the car?
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    Have you played with Cruise Control maybe? And accidentally managed to set a speed limit of 20mph?
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    Thanks for the quick replys :Smile: I actually traveled 60 miles using public transport, picked the car up, left and them came back, so the car is now still with them. They have diagnostic reading equipment, but in some ways id prefer honda to read them for me. As I believe the car has just had a service I am hoping that something has just been disrupted. It was all fine before hand on test ride (one week ago)

    Ill ask them first thing tomorrow and give you guys a shout as soon as I hear!

    Just out of interest does anyone on this forum use Chiswick Honda?

    I am not working on the car section but would still be nice to meet some forum members.

    Think its time to hit the hay as im up at 6am..

    Again thanks for the speedy replys. Ill let you guys know tomorrow morning.

    Thanks :Smile:

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    I personally didnt do this. Will the cruise control remain on even if the car is turned off and on again?

    Also the engine managment light is on as soon as the key turns, and does not go out. Its as smooth as anything but just refuses to go above 20!
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    Not so sure about turning off & on, mate. Haven't tried to play with it too much. But if engine management light is on, probably something more serious. Anyways, you'll see tomorrow what garage will tell u :Wink:
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    Cruise control won't be the issue. It disengages every time you touch brakes or clutch.
    Strange issue though, limp mode normally limits revs, but not enough that you couldn't get above 20.
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    could be any number of faults ime affraid, lets just hope that garage has the means to get to the bottom of the fault. carrying out a service, a vacume hose may have come off, they may have cranked the engine for too long with no fuel ( replacing the fuel filter) let that garage do the donkey work and see what comes of it but i would have chiswick check the engine over once you get it back from the garage. if it is somthing costly at leist you can throw the car back at them so long as its within your cooling off period.
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    My money is on fuel filter...
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    Hi Alex,
    Is it limited to 20mph in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear?
    In other words: is it an RPM limitation when in gear, regardless of the fuel flow.
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    Good question, I was in second when it hit the limiter, didnt try to change gear, saying that though i still managed to hit about 15 in first in the car park before easing off (lack of space)

    I spoke to the garage today, they have told me that they went out to the car this morning. and that there was no ECU light on, and no limp mode on, once I probed further they told me they plugged in their diagnostic kit and it read "voltage drop" and seem to think low voltage can cause limp mode. The boss put it down to when they were servicing the car, having the lights or doors open for too long ECT....?

    I spoke with the mechanics at my work today, they are insistant that if there was a fault (even if its gone) it will remain stored until cleared.

    What shall I do now? they also want to hold the car for 2 days to drive it in a number of different ways, EG short journeys, long journeys ECT....

    Thanks for all the replies
  12. I wonder if it's been sitting on the forecourt a while over the winter and just needs a new battery.
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    So can a "naff" battery cause codes to come up on the dash?

    Thanks sayamaaccord
  14. No personal experience but I've read of other people on Accord forums getting dashboard lights appearing due to a low battery and the problem being solved when they put a new one in.
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    Hmm I see, I must say when I looked under the bonnet the main thing I thought was "that battery looks a bit worse for ware"

    Might be worth me getting onto them. :Thumbup:
  16. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Alex before you spend money on hearsay can you advise me what this code is ? I won't recommended to replace the battery on looks get volts reading now and after full charge and report back.
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    I did ask them about this. They are sure that it just came up with "voltage drop" not sure what type of diagnostic equipment they have there though. I should be hearing from them today so fingers crossed.
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    There are DTC's related for 'low battery', but that's for VSA-ABS. Never saw this for the engine ECU or cause a limp mode.