Electrical & Lights Inaccurate Fuel consumption reading

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by zimowisko, Monday 9th Sep, 2013.

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    I don`t suppose I am alone with this issue but I can not find anything similar anywhere, maybe one of you will be able to help.
    My 58 plate accord tourer ex gt I own from April is showing 5 MPG below the actual manually calculated fuel consumption. My background is VAG group and on them it is possible to calibrate fuel consumption readings with vag com for example, is anyone aware if this is possible on the Accord, Thanks
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    If you use the Toque app on an android phone you can do what you after. It can also tell you how much each journey has cost you too. The only thing I've seen that can be compensated is the outside Temp.
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    Seen that with the temperature, I wonder if there is something that honda dealership can change with their diag computer.I might give them a ring and see if anyone will be helpful enough.