Bulletins & Advisories Incorrect Spark Plug Torque Settings 1.4 Litre Engine Only

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    Honda have issued the following TSB#SP-01-001-00 dated 09-01-2015 for the following models

    ModelModel CodeYear Model
    Civic 3DFN109, 10
    Civic 5DFK109,10, 11
    Incorrect Spark Plug Torque setting for 1.4 Litre Engine in Honda Workshop Manuals.

    Spark plug tightening torque for NGK IR Spark plug (IZFR6K 13) fitted to 2009-2013 Civic 1.4 and Jazz 1.5 models. Please be aware that the stated tightening torque in WSM for Jazz and Civic 1.4 / 1.5 engine is incorrect. This only affects vehicles fitted with NGK IR Spark plug (IZFR6K 13) type (Part No 12290-RB1-003).
    Should any vehicles fitted with the NGK IR Spark plug (IZFR6K 13) type be the subject of any repair or service work requiring the removal, refitting or replacement of the above spark plugs then they should be tightened to 27Nm whenever refitting or replacing them. The current versions of WSM are inconsistent in the tightening torque quoted and may indicate a lower tightening torque of 18Nm for certain vehicle types / ages. In all applications of this spark plug type, a torque value of 27Nm must be used.
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