Found Indicators, spoiler, N/S front inner wheel arch

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    Hi guys I am still looking for front bumper indicators for my accord 1994-97 5th generation, I find them for sale either left or right but not in pairs as I need both a pair is realy needed so I know they are going to match, just in case. The othere thing is the front spoiler is missing, I suspect the front has had a bump, the bumper has damage which is OK for repair but the spoiler has gone, one other thing is that the drivers inner door handle is differant to the othere three doors beca use the switch on the drivers door can lock all doors so the fixings on the back are differant to the otheres, strange why they did this but they did, so if any one see one knocking about please let me know and I can get to my friend in the uk who is acting as my dispatch contact, thanks guys any information on this is of course always welcome.
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    Brain contact HH they have taken over an old dealership they may some old stock hanging about or close enough.
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    Remind me who are HH, thanks Ichiban.
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