Tyres & Wheels Inner Tyre wall problems x 2 (within days) Pirelli [P6000 225/45/R17]

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    Rob Cheshire
    This one has got me, and anyone I've asked slightly stumped...

    (most of the story is irrelevant, some may prefer to skip to the end)

    For the last week or so, I've been experiencing steering wheel vibration, so I booked it in for a wheel balancing at the local National Tyres. The guy took the wheel off, had a little look and then beckoned me over from the reception, where he proceeded to show me shards of wire sticking out of the Inner tyre wall (front passenger)explaining that I needed to replace it.. The driver's side was checked and at 6mm they said it was fine. The young grease monkey on reception then tried to sell me a £190 Pirelli, and they seemed put out by my look of total shock/suprise/disgust, off I drove paying £12 for the advice/balance with steering wheel still vibrating..

    As I was away for the weekend in the lakes, I thought I'd best get it changed, so sourced a matching Pirelli for the passenger side at £95 from BlackCircles.com...

    Tyre fitted on Friday at their local Premium Partner who suggested that the tyre wall damage might have been caused by a pothole.. They checked the tracking at it was spot on...

    Set off to Keswick with Steering wheel still vibrating.. I thought "Ok so maybe Suspension, I'll book it in when I get back."

    Sunday we head into Cockermouth for a wander around Wordsworth's house, car starts making a rhythmic "dum dum dum dum" sound as we set off back to the B&B, and we pull into a closed down/burnt out garage to have a look..

    .. to find the Driver's side front flat as a pancake.. Fortunately two young lads pulled up, turns out their Dad owns the garage, and they've got a compressor (well done if you've made it this far) They brought out the compressor, pumped up the tyre... there was a rather audible ..Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.. They called their Dad to ask about local tyre places that might be open on a Sunday, and he turned up too, (Thankfully as a pen-pusher) they offered to change the tyre and put the space saver on. On inspection of the Pirelli, the wires were sticking through then inner tyre wall the same as the one changed 3 days earlier..

    Massive shout out for their assistance to P&R Benn in Cockermouth, who's premises unfortunately suffered at the hands of fire 10 weeks ago.

    Long and the short, off we went to the only place open on a Sunday Kwik Fit for a new tyre....

    Two new tyres, no more vibrations....

    For those that chose to skip the story... and the general answer required...

    Any thoughts on what is likely to cause inner tyre wall damage on both front wheels?

    Many Thanks

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    Could be a number of things. First thing is pressure if its low it will cause wear not commenly to 1 side of tread though. Next invest in laser geometry have front n rears done. If your car has been lowered and the geometry not adjusted to match it creates camber and that will cause uneven wear.

    Just as a side note im not a machanic but i did spend two years as a tyre fitter and thats what i advised customers so don't quote me. :Smile:
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    Rob Cheshire
    Thanks James, would that affect the sidewall? The tread across the tyre is even..

    | .... |<-------- The wires were sticking through here...
    | .... |
    | .... |----------
    | .... |----------
    | .... |
    | .... |
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    sounds like when you drove on the flat tyre, the side walls were compressed where they shouldnt be so have caused damage to the tyre wall, which is where your arrow is pointing? Thats my thoughts. not sure how your original tyres have the same symptoms, did you drive on that when it was flat aswell?
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    Rob Cheshire

    The original tyre never went flat, that was picked up when getting the wheels balanced, the pressures haven't been outside of 31-33 in the time I've had the car (3 Months)
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    Where you regularly drive is there lots of speed bumps/cushions?
    Also if so how do you drive over them? Ie one side over the bump or do you straddle the bump with both wheels.
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    Rob Cheshire
    Ahhhh, thats an interesting shout, there aren't a million speed bumps near me, but their are a few, and I am a dedicated straddler..
    However, the previous owner lived on a road with lots and lots of speed bumps. I'll drop him a mail and see if he was a straddler too.
  8. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Classic wear on tyres if you straddle speed bumps/cushions.
    Since councils moved from traditional full width speed bumps to stupid speed cushions, car tyres are wearing more on the inner edges due to straddling the cushions.
    In the worst case drivers have been killed due to blowouts caused by the abnormal wear.
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    very interesting! I will now go over the speedhumps with 1 wheel as i wouldn't want this happening to my tyres!!
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    I used to work in a garage and saw this with old Pirellis where the tread is fine but the inner wall all cracking and delaminating. I wouldn't ever put a Pirelli on my car after seeing it several times.