Insight Insight and CR-Z discontinued

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2009)' started by Uriel, Sunday 2nd Mar, 2014.

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    Well, according to Autoblog and AutoExpress, the CR-Z and Insight are to be discontinued.

    It seems fairly inevitable that IMA would be discontinued with both the 1.6 diesel and new hybrid system in the Fit and Accord being more fuel efficient and Faster.

    Not sure about the CR-Z but I'm not sure that the Insight really has a niche in a Honda's portfolio any more. I always tended to think of it as the Civic Hatchback hybrid that never was.

    The Insight is also being discontinued in North America. I would not be at all surprised if the Euro Civic Hatchback was launched there with the new hybrid drivetrain and called the Insight 3rd Generation.