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    I was wondering if members were interested in joining the Institute of Advanced Motorist Skills for Life course? This will give you 12 months IAM membership, all your perpetration drives with one of the local groups, the how to be a better driver manual and the entry to the advanced driving test.
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I would be interested iron out those bad habits..provided it doesnt break the bank.
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    The price is £139.00 inclusive of what I mentioned above. When you pass the advance test it will give you discount on your car insurance also.
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    As long as I don't have to join Brake I'm interested.
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    I am interested in anything that will bring insurance premium down.
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    For all those that are interested check out the IAM website

    it gives you so much more then discounts on your insurance it gives you the skills to be a better driver.
    you will also get 12 months free RAC roadside and recovery.
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    Will it get my insurance below £254 for my Prelude 2.3 and use of others ? or is it more for people who have not had a lot of driving experience to help with stupid cost of some young drivers who don't have a lot of no-claims but are capable drivers ? :Unknown:
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    if someone is applying for insurance can they say they have IAM cert and then say we don't that will tell you how much of a reduction do you realistically get in the real world.
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    m8 of mine with IAM cert same car as me, same age ECT ECT, in virtually the same area was shocked to find I was still paying less for better cover than him and I don't have a IAM cert :Whistle: but he is paying a little less after a year or so I believe:Unknown: so could be worth it checking quotes saying with or without IAM :Wink: with your current or a new insurance provider, I'm sure it would worth it in the end.
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    if I had IAM cert I think I would wait for normal quote before disclosing the fact of having IAM cert :Happy:then see what difference it makes :Happy:
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    The IAM have their own insurance called IAM surety who are very competitive.

    The IAM is not just about getting lower insurance quotes it improves the standard of driving making the road we travel on a safer place!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Why do people sign up for the IAM test?

    There are some common reasons why people sign up for the advanced driving course. The top reason is ‘to improve my general standard of driving’ with 80 per cent of people listing it as a motivating factor. Becoming a safer driver is also a top reason (73 per cent said this).

    Reasons for preparing for the IAM test*Respondents (%)

    To improve my general standard of driving 80

    To become a safer driver 73

    For the achievement/ challenge 58

    To eradicate any bad habits 52

    To reduce the risk of being involved in an accident 49

    To refresh my driving skills 49

    To reassure myself that I am still a competent driver 39

    To demonstrate to others that my driving is of a high standard 37

    To gain greater enjoyment from driving 30

    To become a more confident driver 26

    To obtain cheaper insurance 23

    To drive more fuel efficiently 17

    To influence other people’s driving 14

    For my job 11
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    I just wanted to point out, that I just checked my insurance quote and although I probably pay one of the highest figures on the board (23, male, high insurance postcode), having an IAM qualification doesn't bring down my premium by a single penny. Of course that may vary from person to person.

    I'm sure the additional driver training would be good to iron-out bad habits and help anyone who considers themselves to be a bad driver.
  13. 1093 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    It has nothing to do with those who think they are bad drivers, the training and advise will improve all drivers that haven't had advanced training!!

    I'm not saying it will give you a guaranteed reduction on your insurance but is recognised by certain insurance companies, also if you complete the advanced test as a member you are entitled to the IAM Surety insurance which is very competitive.

    people seem to be getting the wrong idea of the IAM.
  14. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    Wasn't disagreeing with you at all :Smile:

    I ran a general search and none of the top 5 that I'd noted the prices on got any cheaper, but for me they were all mainly Admiral Group companies. I'd assume they are one of the ones that doesn't recognise it.
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    I don't know which companies recognise the qualification I suppose it requires a search, I'm not sure if the comparison websites ask the question?

    a good way for an introduction to the IAM is to contact your local group via the web site and have an assessment drive.
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    Just be aware that IAM surety aren't very good on modified vehicles. We had policy with them for a year and renewed it after that, but then a month later we changed from the Honda to the Volvo. Our volvo has the Polestar engine map, which they classified as a modification and were unable to find any coverage for less than £1500. Going to admiral got us a like for like quote of £615, with the polestar map declared.

    However, they do good house insurance...

    As for IAM itself - it's worth doing. Just learning how to properly steer (ie doing hand-to-hand steering properly, not the hopeless way that we all learned for the L test), use acceleration sense, evaluate limit points and so on make it worthwhile.
  17. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Mate give pass plus a go, for me it was a 20 odd reduction but at £750 for 19yr old it wasn't going to get much cheaper.