Insurance Insurance Anomaly - 2004 Accord 2.2iCTDi Executive - 2204cc or 2209cc ??

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    Hi There - When I acquired my Accord last year I wanted to transfer my existing insurance with RAC, which in the first instance seemed to be straightforward as group rating for both vehicles was the same. However, the ABI data (provided by Thatcham) used by the majority of insurance companies states that the engine capacity of my Accord is 2209cc despite the registration document and all the associated paperwork provided by Honda citing 2204cc. When I said I wanted this (2204cc) included on my new insurance documentation, RAC said their system wouldn't allow them to do that so they couldn't insure me!

    I bought the car off my Dad (who had owned it from new) & his insurance with Aegis stated 2209cc - so I contacted DVLA who confirmed that what was stated on Reg Doc would have been provided by manufacturer. I then contacted Honda UK who confirmed to me (also later in writing) that engine capacity is 2204cc and that their own insurers (Honda Happiness) would probably be able to help. They were - but it cost me an additional £175 on top of my existing premium to get the Accord insured :Aghast:(

    I subsequently contacted Thatcham by phone who gave me some spiel about them needing to undertake an in-depth investigation into the complete history of this model of the Accord in terms of whether it had originally been manufactured for a non-UK market which would take several months - but they would get back to me. They never did and when I tried to follow it up they claimed they knew nothing about it. Thatcham have now altered their web-site so you can no longer access the ABI information that at the time was accessible, without a member subscription, but there is no doubt that their database still lists this model as being 2209cc because when using any of the price comparison sites this is the only option you can select for engine capacity.

    Due to the ridiculous renewal premium Honda Happiness wanted this year I have now insured my car for ~£200 less with AA Insurance - but my paperwork states the capacity of the engine is 2209cc and not 2204cc. Given the tendency of all insurance companies to duck & dive when it comes to settling claims I am wondering if this discrepancy in stated engine capacity is of significance. My hubby says that every Accord owner in the UK is probably in the same situation and that those who have claimed on their insurance won't have had any problems & that I am worrying over something that doesn't matter.

    I would welcome any views on this from forum members.

    Thanks for your time & best wishes - Denny
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    I think if the VIN number and engine number on the V5 match the ones on the car then no insurance should be able to quible about cc mismatch alone.
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    Thank you SpeedyGee - that's reassuring. I am a born worrier!!

    Take care - Denny