Pre-Purchase Interested in purchasing Accord, would appreciate advice

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    United Kingdom Daniel London
    I was looking for an Honda forum on google so I could get some advice before I get Accord, and here I am :Tongue:
    I looked at some brief reviews on other websites on this specific gen Accord and there are some negatives and positives about them. From what I gathered apparently the diesel engine ones are less reliable and have some common faults with time chains and drive chains or something like that, where as the petrol 2.0 is the ideal Accord?

    Personally, this will be my second car, right now I have a 05 Polo 1.2 Petrol, and I was looking to get away from a Petrol car, just because I don't like the way Petrol cars behave if it makes sense. Basically I drove diesels before and they felt much better, so thus now looking at those reviews it's tempting to go for that 2.0 Petrol Accord just because it's more reliable? Is there any truth to that or no...because I really want to invest into the best possible version of 7th Generation accord which would be reliable enough for me to even go for a trip across Europe and not have issues. Other than that, I don't put that many miles yearly, perhaps 7K at the most excluding the possibility of going to Europe.

    So key things I'd like to know is...
    Which 7th Generation Accord is in theory best and what are they key things I should know about Hondas and Accords? Right now I am putting a budget together and I don't want to spend more than £3000 on it, as I'd rather do some DYI with it once I get it.
    I appreciate comments in advance, thanks :Smile:
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    If you're doing less than 10k a year, go petrol, as MPG costs will offset petrol car purchase price over diesel car purchase. Cars manufactured post 05 will have several updates in engine and car design. Look for full honda service history if you want piece of mind. Or check cars for sale on here when you have permission from forum settings. Say hi in the introduce yourself section, all staff are great as well as members. Enjoy theforum. Welcome.
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    I did a lot of research myself and bought an Accord Tourer CDTi just a few days ago... the diesels are superb engines, and if you treat them properly, give them regular services and maintenance there's no reason wh they can't go on and on and on. Mine has a 156k on the clock and is as quiet as the day it rolled of the production line.

    So make sure you get one with as few owners as possible, and with a full (preferably Honda) service history... Don't be afraid to call up the service place and ask them a few questions about when belts were done, and timing chain inspected.
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    personally I prefer the tourer (estate) over the saloon... and I bought a 2005 for £1050 + £600 trade in last week... 156k on the clock, 1 previous owner, full Honda service history and it was the executive model, so full of toys, electric everything (inc tailgate), leather, heated seats, satnav... 'm still finding new things I didn't know it had. :Smile:

    I also have low mileage use, I put 12k on my previous car in three and a half years... and have a 5000 mile limit to get cheaper insurance... So don't be put off buying a diesel because of low mileage per year, prices of diesel have dropped yet again and I filled up for £1.09.9 yesterday... the same price as petrol and I'll do 30% more MPG's
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    Welcome to HK Daniel and best of luck with your search. Feel free to ask any questions you like and we will do our best to answer them.
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    I am not too worried about MPG, I know a lot of people purchase cars and make decisions on the MPG, but I am not one of them since I don't do much driving other than going from place to place, although yes it still matters, but few quid a week/month won't throw me off getting something perhaps better. Thanks for the welcome and the reply.

    I'd probably get an estate if I was traveling a lot, but for me to go from town to town with a rare long motorway trip, I don't think it's necessary, plus it just feels more bulkier and perhaps unnecessary weight lol, I just don't need that much space you know but no offense by that since it still sounds like a great deal and it just assured me more of not worrying too much about high mileage as long as it is taken care of regularly. What did you trade in anyways and what shop if not a secret unless it's local.

    What worries me is the purchase of the car every time, but I guess people just take the risk of buying it, worst nightmare is to buy a car that seems to be gold, but falls apart a week later because it is perhaps serviced and filled with thick oils to make it seem like it runs fine.
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    United Kingdom .

    As the owner of both a petrol Toyota and an Accord diesel, I generally much prefer driving the diesel and also think they feel much nicer (mostly because of the relaxed low end power delivery). But I have to admit that they can be the less reliable alternative, as there is potentially more to go wrong. However the 7th Generation is getting a quite old now (especially the earlier ones), so the general wear and tear/history of the vehicle will now dominate and most diesel problems (clutch, chains, exhaust manifold) will have already been addressed anyway.

    If my diesel 7th Accord was wrecked, I'd buy another one without a second thought.
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    Buy away from london, tourer is actually very nimble. Tourers tend to be keepers cars, by that I mean, people keep hold of them. I only do around 8k miles a year but prefer a diesel for lower range grunt and smooth power delivery.

    @Zebster What Seb just said is bang on.

    @Pilot just don't go for the first saloon you see, there are plenty out there.
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    If you find a few links, post them up... chances are I'll have given them a look over in recent weeks. :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Daniel London
    It's hard to believe nowdays 05 is considered old, seems like 05 was just few years ago but then I realize it's 2015 and that's a 10 year old car....which for the most part still looks up to date. See now I don't know what to choose since 1 guy says petrol is good and the other one prefer diesel :Grin:

    Yeah when buying cars in my family we usually look for them 100-200 miles outside of London because even the prices there are a bit lower, and people know how to take care of them where as in London you know I think it's a different story.

    Nah I won't go for the first thing I see, but I'll admit I am rather bad at finding out whether the car is in good condition or not, even if the paperwork like history seems fine, you just never know if it's gonna break down in few miles like I mentioned before, so I guess I should force myself and look for 1 owner only that way I know it's more likely to be solid.

    PS. I am still just looking and doing research, I just feel like Japanese cars are far reliable than some German ones like Polo, besides I still have to trade in or sell my Polo before I go and head to buy an Accord but I don't want to mess up hence I am doing research now.
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    Welcome to our club @Pilot
    It is customary to Introduce Yourself Daniel, so please do.

    If you are lucky enough to find a FL 7th Generation diesel (they don't have a DPF by the way) that has been really well looked after, go for it. They are fantastic cars. However, this will be quite difficult, but they do turn up, so you just can't tell.

    As mentioned above, they can now be susceptible to some expensive repairs if they were not correctly treated. Consequently, and since you are not MPG sensitive, I would say go for the 2.0 petrol. Honda's K series engine is a dream.

    Have a look at the Brochures and Manuals section for more information.

    Happy hunting!
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    United Kingdom Daniel London
    Thanks for the welcome.

    So how do I know whether it's a K engine, or is that by default on a 7th Generation petrol 2.0 engines?
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    7th Generation 2.0 and 2.4 are 'K' series -DOHC and VTEC!
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    United Kingdom Daniel London
    Ok thanks for clarifying, I wouldn't mind 2.4 but I only have 2 years no claims so thus makes it too expensive due to lack of experience.
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    United Kingdom Daniel London
    So in theory something like this would be pretty good? 1 owner, FSH, good mileage. Price is too high for my liking but this is something I should be looking for basically?

    Also, is it necessary to look for post 05 reg, or can I look for them from 03 regs unless they are not the same?
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    Hi Daniel - welcome.

    I'm on my 2nd Accord I-CTDI and I'd say you won't find a better diesel for you budget of £3k.

    Both of mine had cracked exhaust manifolds as has been suggested so keep that in mind and look for one that's been serviced regularly using 0w30 oil.

    Buying any 10 year old car has it's risks so you're wise to ask for opinions pre-purchase. Advice from the guys on here has been priceless for me.
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    Thanks :Smile:

    Hmm, that slightly worries me, so what are approx repair costs for that and what are the symptoms of it?

    I really appreciate the feedback so far guys.
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    It shouldn't worry anyone, I think your expectations are a little on the high side... You'll be buying a car that has probably done in excess of 100,000 miles and is about 8-10yrs old. All people are doing is telling you what things to look out for, not what things WILL be wrong or go wrong.

    I was concerned about the dual mass flywheel and clutch... until I spoke to people on here and found out that there are some who's flywheels are approaching 200,000 miles. On my old Ford Mondeo the DMF is rated to between 90,000 & 130,000 and at 105,000 was making noises. My current Accord Tourer CDTi is on 156,000 and the engine and DMF are probably almost as quiet as the day it was built... Pay attention to the quality of the car and it's service history and expect that any car you buy will need a little extra spending on it.

    If your budget is £3000... that means you can afford a £2500 car with £500 left over to rectify those little niggles.. I'd never recommend anyone buy a car at the maximum ceiling of their budget as they then start complaining about the cost of putting it right... Building that contingency into the budget is the only and smartest way to approach buying anything used.
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    Click on the Brochure link on #11. It is for the FL 7th Generation. There were several improvements to them compared to the PFL.
    Whilst the PFLs are great cars, (I had a diesel EX for 10 years) the FL is better.
    If you have a look through the Club Garage, you can see examples of both.

    Additionally, I would endorse what @Heckler has said above.
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