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    I've been shopping on ebay for LED's... ordered the following.

    17cm waterproof RED LED COB Panels 2x Bright 12V COB Waterproof Car LED Light #L for DRL Fog Driving Lamp Red 17cm | eBay

    I will be wiring these into the doors, and will fit them on the trailing edge of the door, it serves as a warning to approaching cars that the door is open. Should look something like this one from my old Mazda MX6. In addition to the one on the edge of the door, I swapped the puddle lights to red too. The LED strip on the edge of the door is only about 8-10cm in this pic and has a single row of LEDs. The ones I will be fitting to the accord are 17cm in length and have two rows of LEDs. Should be rather effective I think. For the puddle light itself I am going for a white COB LED panel with a festoon adapter, this should make up for the poor multi directional effect LED festoons can have. If my measurements are correct, I can fit the panel to the inside of the cover, hiding the wiring behind.

    For the interior lights and the ones in the boot, some festoons with 6 ultra bright white LEDs. This should avoid any fitment issues as the space isn't great in there. I'll also be fitting some to the lights in the boot... and if I recall, the number plate lights are also the same size... I've ordered 10 for £3.99 so there will be plenty of spares.

    Total cost for 10 Festoons, 2 red LED waterproof light strips and 2 white COB LED panels came to £13.10 and there's free shipping on everything.

    Will add more pics as they arrive and get fitted... But I do need a guide on how to remove the front door panels... if those prove to be a success, I may add a few more, one each for the rear doors and a couple on the bottom edge of the tailgate
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    IIRC we don't have a guide for 7th Generation front door panel. Have a read of though Electrical & Lights - Drivers-side window doesn't work
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    Actually have a look at this video

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    Wait ! you shouldn't need to take the whole panel off !

    The cover to the bulb should just pop off.
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    @SpeedyGee cheers matey... I know the cover pops off, but I'm going to be wiring in some waterproof LED panels to fit on the door edge, as a warning to approaching traffic... so I'll need access to the rear of the panel to splice it in.

    I also need some of those plastic trim remover tools, I have one with a notch in it... but it's metal, fine for use on plastic or carpet trim clips... But wouldn't want to use it near metal.

    Never mind... I found a 12pv kit on ebay, trim tools and 4 different headunit removal tools... none of which will work on the Accord I think... but at elast they'll be in the toolbox for when I eventually do need them.
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    Well parts have started arriving today... First package was a test... Never used these types of lights before, so I only bought 2 as a trial run.

    The wires looked really fragile soldered to the board, so the first thing I did was remove the 3M tape backing on the rear, stick the wires to it after carefully folding them over, and then cover with some duct tape. I then folded the connector round and taped that down too. As these are not getting stuck down, the tape is redundant anyway. This will not only help hide wiring, but make the chance of a wire breaking unlikely. 2015-08-05 22.44.35. 2015-08-05 22.44.54. 2015-08-05 22.45.04.

    Tomorrow I shall test fit in the door puddle lights and the map lights for effect and take some more pics.
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    Another package arrived today. 10 31mm festoons for £3.99 was a good deal... I thought I'd buy loads as I wasn't sure how many I would need... Plenty of spares though.

    2015-08-06 18.42.23.

    Also arrived, my trim removal tools. I had one but it was metal and I figured some plastic ones would be better... Whole kit was £6
    2015-08-06 18.43.23.
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    OK... so here are some before and after shots of the Map and puddle lights.

    Map lights are a straight swap over for the festoon bulbs pictured above. After checking them out, I angled them ever so slightly towards the passenger/driver seats
    But as you can see, spectacular difference in lighting... No more yellow, clean white and easy to see what you are looking for/at now.

    It's also worth noting that I had to turn the brightness sensor down about 50% for the second shot... otherwise it starts to wash out the picture.

    2015-08-06 20.49.10. 2015-08-06 20.52.12.

    Next up came the puddle lights... Simple 501 / T10 bulbs. I could easily have swapped these for some LED 501's... But I felt like doing something extra special.

    Found the COB panel lights on ebay... 2 of them for just a few quid with free shipping... They're effectively about a dozen or so LEDs joined together to make one extra bright light with no gaps in the light stream like you can get with others.

    Before shot... Please noe that the reason this looks so dim is because 1: it's dusk here & 2: I turned the brightness on the camera all the way down as low as it would go... the reason will become clear in the next shot.
    2015-08-06 21.03.15.

    As you can see... even with the brightness sensor turned right down... it's still overpowering the sensor, hence the JJ Abrahms lens flare look.

    I don't think anyone will have any trouble seeing that when you open the door on a dark street. :Smile:

    2015-08-06 21.02.31.

    I test fitted the panel directly to the back of the lens cover with some duct tape (see pic below)... Simply for positioning, as this was a test run to see if they worked/fitted/looked good... It worked so well, that I'm going to leave it like that. 2015-08-06 21.00.27.

    Waiting for more bulbs to arrive (switches and so forth)... I might order a couple more of the COB panels for the boot.
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    Thought I'd add one from about 25ft back... again this is overpowering the sensor on the camera... it doesn't really look that bright... the phone is trying to compensate and doing a really bad job of it... Camera issue on the phone, it works fantastic in daylight, really struggles in low light.

    It's bright though... I don't think anyone will have any trouble seeing me open a door. :Smile:

    2015-08-06 22.37.58.
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    Latest LED arrival

    17cm Waterproof RED LED strip... I was going to use these on the edge of the front doors (see pic in first post for example on my old sports car), but the white COB LED panel I fitted in the puddle lights is so bright, that it can't be missed by anyone driving along the road when the door may be open.

    So I was thinking I may install them along the trailing edge of the tailgate, only visible when the tailgate is open... and wired into the boot lights. Obviously I would need to extend the wiring and take the tailgate and side trim panels off... But I need to do that anyway to investigate a blocked rear washer jet. Might as well do both things at once.

    The other option is to wire them into the rear doors, as they have neither puddle lights nor reflectors when opened.

    I'm undecided at the moment... I'll wait until the 20 LED 501/T10 lights arrive... and typically, the 501 LED's I thought I'd lost... turned up today in the cup holder of the car. I must have had them in the Mondeo when I traded it in, and put them in there out of the way.... and forgotten all about them. I'll need to test them out as some I know are white... but some of them might be blue.

    2015-08-10 19.52.45.
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    Another day, another package of LED's arrive.... each one has 12 SMD LED's on it, so should be pretty bright. All 10 cost just £3.99

    Just waiting on the ones for the switches to arrive now.

    Will install a few of these and upload some pics later... Need to figure out how to get at the sidelight bulbs too, as these will be a good replacement for those too.

    2015-08-12 16.56.12. 2015-08-12 17.00.06.
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    Going full LED as well at the moment, as soon as the last order arrives :Wink:
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    One of the many little jobs I want to do on the missus car. I want to put some HID's on her as well.
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    Installed the ones in the boot... looks like this afterwards. Didn't get a before because I went to use my proper camera and it was giving me memory card errors... I also tried to take close ups of the marks in the clearcoat for the detailing thread and they came out completely black. This was the only shot that came out and it looks horrible... I was adjusting settings trying to stop it from washing out the image and this was the best I could get before I started getting dive bombed by a wasp.... So I beat a hasty retreat.

    It's much brighter and whiter than before... but can see the 4 tiny LED's on the top in real life, the rest point sideways in four directions at the reflector, so you get good coverage of the whole boot... Easily a 100% improvement.

    @Nighthawk I shall be upgrading to HID's as well at some point. Did the upgrade on my old Mazda MX6 and it made such a difference. Cost me nothing too, was so long ago before the prices came down below £100 per kit... Did a bulk buy with the MX6 and Ford Probe owners clubs... and the company in Hong Kong said if I got 10 orders, they'd give me mine for free. :Smile:

    2015-08-12 16.19.26.
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