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    I'm fairly handy when it comes to vynl wrapping I have already done a car bonnet, laptop, guitar and even a toilet seat in vynl carbon fibre.

    My 2002 Accord has some wood parts in the interior - strips on the dash & the doors and around the gear stick, I like wood when it's on a floor or in a fire but not in my cars. :Smile:
    Ideally the wood sections will have to removed from the car to be wrapped properly. Is this easily done or is way too much hassle. IE do they all just clip off or are they glued in place, particularly the strip on the dash and around the gear stick?

    I'm thinking of going to this: Matt brushed aluminium.
    Its cheap as too, €10 worth should cover everything.
    If I do go ahead with it I'll put up a full "How to guide".
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    Not seen one before in brushed aluminium, everybody usually goes for the predictable carbon fibre effect. Should look pretty good. :Thumbup:
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    Yeah carbon fibre has been done to death plus it looses its appeal when you've wrapped a toilet seat in it :Wink:
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    OK, ordered some 1.5m X 1m Matt effect silver should be with me tomorrow :Smile: I'll have a fair bit left over so I might wrap my laptop again or my bass guitar.

    Does anyone have any tips or guides to removing the trim peaces?
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    I think they are going to be held in with a combo of clips and glue. Start with the easier pieces first, remove the door panels then you can get the handles off.

    Do you have a hot glue gun for reassembly ?
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    Thanks, yeah I have a hot glue gun and some really really strong double sided tape.